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Istanbul to host 8th ITM 2022 exhibition from June 14

Textile Today is going to exhibit at Hall- Main Foyer, Booth F6/3

ITM 2022, one of the biggest textile, yarn, knitting, weaving, dyeing, printing, finishing, and hosiery machinery, subindustries, and chemicals exhibition is going to take place at the Istanbul Tüyap Fair Exhibition and Congress Center on June 14, 2022. Tüyap Fairs and Exhibitions Organization Inc & Teknik Fairs Inc. are going to organize the 5-day-long exhibition with the partnership of TEMSAD Turkish Textile & Machinery Industrialists Association) which will end on 18 June.

The International Textile Machinery exhibition was first held in 2004 in Istanbul where 1000 giant textile machinery manufacturers from 30 countries gathered to showcase their latest developments to more than 10,000 international visitors across the world. The recent exhibition was held in 2018 and hosted 1150 technology exhibitors from 64 countries. More than 14,248 international visitors from 94 countries including Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Iran, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Romania, etc. came to the exhibition.

IMT 2022
Figure 1: In the upcoming IMT 2022 exhibition, more than 1000 textile technology producing companies are going to present their latest developments to customers.

In the upcoming IMT 2022 exhibition, more than 1000 textile technology producing companies are going to present their latest developments to the customers. ITM, the largest exhibition in Turkey and in the region, is among the most important exhibitions in the World.

Textile technology providers from various parts of the world

Textile technology providers from Turkey, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, China, Italy,  etherlands, Switzerland, India, France, Belgium, and Spain are going to launch their latest developments in 12 halls of the exhibition. Companies from these countries are going to showcase their latest products such as, Cotton and Fibre Preparation Machineries.

  • Spinning Preparation, Spinning Winding, Twisting, and Texturing Machineries
  • Weaving Preparation and Weaving Machineries
  • Nonwoven Machineries and Technologies
  • Narrow Weaving Machineries
  • Cordage and Rope Machineries (Braiding Machineries)
  • Weft and Warp Knitting Preparation Machineries
  • Tufting and Carpet Weaving Machineries
  • Hosiery, Embroidery, and Quilting Machineries
  • Spinning, Fabric Dyeing, and Finishing Machineries
  • Flat and Circular Knitting Machineries
  • Washing, Bleaching, and Drying Machineries
  • Folding and Roling Machineries
  • Textile Chemicals
  • CAD-CAM-CIM Applications and Automation Systems
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Textile Printing and Digital Textile Printing Machineries
  • Compressors, Generators, and UPS
  • Professional and Educational Publications, and so on.

Companies that focus on production and R&D and desire to introduce the products that they have developed to their customers as well as the visitors who want to see the latest technological products closely are waiting for the upcoming exhibition.

Glimpses of some exhibitors coming to showcase their products

Rieter is going to display its energy-efficient and recycling facilitating technologies considering sustainability as a priority.

“With the Autoconer X6 now completing our portfolio in ring and compact spinning, we can support our customers even more effectively in their journey to success.” Said its CEO, Norbert Klapper.

Norbert Klapper Rieter
Figure 2: Norbert Klapper Rieter.

Saurer will also highlight its technologies to support recyclability and high productivity by saving resources with its latest developments in ring and rotor spinning.

“Visitors to ITM will be able to learn more about the Autocard and our successful reference installations. Our team will also highlight future-proof options for automation solutions in spinning mills and our components division will have product news to announce at ITM 2022,” Pia Terasa, Head of Marketing and Market Intelligence shared.

Pia Terasa saurer
Figure 3: Pia Terasa saurer.

Marzoli, according to its Marketing Department Officer, Ilaria Scalvini, will present the new technologies for the spinning process developed during these years, with a special focus on the potential of IoT and Industry 4.0 for the remote maintenance and plant management.

Ilaria Scalvini marzoli
Figure 4: Ilaria Scalvini Marzoli.

Bräcker AG will also present its latest developments to support spinners with a wide range of tools and technologies. Customers could have a close of their Travellers, Spinning Rings, Yarn Carriers, BERKOL® Premium Cots, BERKOL® Aprons, etc.

Bräcker AG
Figure 5: Bräcker AG.

As earlier, Trützschler is going to exhibit its latest technologies for spinning, nonwovens, and man-made fibers in the exhibition. Their newly developed technologies to support the recycling of textiles are going to be the most exclusive ones this time.

Air-jet spinning Trützschler
Figure 6: Air-jet spinning machine by Trützschler

What is for weaving in the ITM 2022?

Itema, one of the weaving technology providers will present its innovations developed over the last 2 years at the ITM 2022.

“Itema will welcome visitors at ITM 2022 with a product line-up designed to meet and exceed the most demanding Customers’ needs and to confirm once again its dedication to innovation and the Made in Italy excellence in the weaving sector.” Ferdinando De Micheli, Itema Sales Director shared with the press.

Ferdinando De Micheli Itema
Figure 7: Ferdinando De Micheli Itema.

Toyota is going to showcase its latest model Air-Jet Technology at the ITM 2022 exhibition. It wants to grab the market of Turkey to increase the sales of Air-Jet looms according to the Operations Director, Markus Lichtenstein.

Markus Lichtenstein toyota
Figure 8: Markus Lichtenstein Toyota.

Picanol is going to display their recently introduced PicConnect, OmniPlus-i Connect, and OptiMax-i Connect in the exhibition for the first time, its Marketing and Communication Manager, Erwin Devloo said to the press.

Erwin Devloo picanol
Figure 9: Erwin Devloo Picanol.

Loepfe Brothers Ltd. is attending with its WeftMaster sensors which ensure 100% yarn and weft control for all types of weaving machines. It is going to bring its exclusive solutions to keep production under control for the textile and printing industry.

Loepfe Brothers Ltd. ITM 2022
Figure 10: Loepfe Brothers Ltd. is attending with its WeftMaster sensors which ensure 100% yarn and weft control for all types of weaving machines.

What is for dyeing & finishing in the ITM 2022?

Figure 11: EFFE is going to introduce 3 new machines for the first time at the ITM 2022 exhibition.

EFFE, a dyeing and finishing technology provider is going to introduce 3 new machines for the first time at the ITM 2022 exhibition.

Halis Gencer Tachyon
Figure 11: Halis Gencer Tachyon.

“We look forward to sharing with our customers the important results we have achieved in continuous bleaching, cold pad batch dyeing, and continuous washing processes, which have become increasingly popular in knitting dyeing and reducing water and energy consumption,” Halis Gencer, Sales and Marketing Manager of Tachyon said.

chtc-fongs-ITM 2022
Figure 12: Fongs is going to exhibit their latest technologies at ITM 2022.

Fongs, prominent textile dyeing and finishing machinery supplier is going to exhibit their latest technologies designed to be more water and energy-efficient. The THEN-ARFLOW® series, the TEC models from FONG’S, or the GOLLER SINTENSA concept are best of class in saving water and energy. They will also bring individual systems for effluent treatment for their customers.

Power frame stenter Brückner
Figure 13: Power frame stenter by Brückner.s.

Brückner Textile Technologies GmbH & Co., renowned for their finishing machinery are going to showcase their latest developments in the last 3 years in stenters, sanforizers, padding machines, dryers, coating machines for nonwovens, carpets, glass fibers, etc.

Stäubli ITM 2022
Figure 14: Stäubli is going to present an overview of its latest technologies at ITM 2022.

Stäubli is a Swiss mechatronics company, known for its textile machinery, connectors and robotics products. The company is going to present an overview of its latest high-end technologies, machinery, and solutions that offer the textile industry more and greater benefits.

Rabatex ITM 2022
Figure 15: Rabatex will showcase different latest and innovative weaving machines at ITM 2022.

Rabatex has built a name for itself in the weaving industry with its top-quality machines. They will showcase different latest and innovative weaving machines at the upcoming ITM 2022 in Turkey.

Figure 16: SANTEX RIMAR GROUP will present one-stop machinery at ITM 2022.

SANTEX RIMAR GROUP–an Italian leader that unites leading players of textile machinery for weaving, finishing, technical textiles, and green technologies for water treatment and drying processes— will present one-stop machinery to meet production needs of textile industry.

Figure 17: At ITM 2022 PRASHANT GROUP ITM 2022 will display their latest solution for the global textile manufacturers.

PRASHANT GROUP, established in 1975, is one of India’s prominent and fast growing Textile Machine manufacturing companies. At ITM 2022 they will display their latest solution for the global textile manufacturers.

Savio ITM 2022
Figure 18: Savio will showcase its latest products at ITM 2022.

Savio will be attending “ITM ISTANBUL 2022” exhibition. Turkey is one of the biggest textile markets for Savio, so attention to Turkish customers is fundamental to support their new projects with the most advanced and automated machines. Savio will be exhibiting in Istanbul solutions-oriented machinery portfolio: winding, winding for continuous shrinkage, bulking and heat setting and TFO twisting.

Similarly, other renowned textile technology suppliers are also going to showcase the latest developments that they have made in the last 3 years to the customers through the exhibition from 14 – 18 June 2022.

Textile Today; Bangladesh based globally leading textile & apparel media, communication & networking platform which is now functioning as an effective Innovation Hub; is also going to exhibit in the expo – Hall – Main Foyer, Booth F6/3 and can be reached through: +88 01775 999 748 (WA) or monir@textiletoday.com.bd for any query.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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