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Italian Teddy Group promises to support Bangladesh RMG

Figure: Teddy Group promised to support Bangladesh RMG

When many global buyers showing unethical business behaviour, cancelling orders, refusing to pay for billions of dollars’ or holding back payments -Italian fashion group Teddy shows different.

Teddy Group has committed to stay beside Bangladesh readymade garments industry mentioning Bangladesh is a trusted partner said in a foreign ministry press release on Thursday.

Bangladesh embassy in Rome, Italy has organised a virtual meeting recently with the top 10 Italian importers of apparel products from Bangladesh. This was a great initiative of Bangladesh embassy to continue the business operation during the pandemic and strengthen long term business partnership.

The company representative informed that they did not cancel or holding any order for RMG units in Bangladesh at the moment. Moreover, they would be giving a large volume order to Bangladesh at the end of this month. However, the amount could be slightly lesser than before due to the falling demand for apparel items globally, the representative added.

Embassy of Bangladesh has appreciated Teddy Group for such move and thanked for setting an example for others hailing their ethical and responsible business approach.

Established in 1961, Teddy Group owns six brands including Rinascimento, Terranova and Calliope and 600 stores spread across 40 countries, imports more than 200 million US dollar apparel products from Bangladesh annually.

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