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ITEMA SpA , best-in-Class weaving machines Made in Italy

Itema is an historic brand of the Italian weaving industry, born from the successful merger and acquisitions over the years of legendary brands in the textile machinery industry, such as Somet, Sulzer and Vamatex. Headquartered in Northern Italy’s Bergamo area, in the Seriana Valley – cradle of the Italian textile industry – the Company is uniquely positioned as the only manufacturer in the world to provide all three top weft insertion technologies: rapier, airjet and projectile.

Figure 1: Itema head quarters in Italy.
Figure 1: Itema head quarters in Italy.

The roots of Itema trace back to the entrepreneurial impulse and vision of the Radici family – one of the most successful Italian business dynasties – in the person of Mr. Gianni Radici (declared a Knight of Labor for his lifelong career) who built up, through key partnerships and acquisitions, a solid Company, since 1967 at the pinnacles of the worldwide textile engineering industry. Today, Itema is the largest privately held Company of its sector.

Figure 2: Itema Airjet loom for denim.
Figure 2: Itema Airjet loom for denim.
Figure 3: Itema main production site in Italy.
Figure 3: Itema main production site in Italy.

With more than 800 employees worldwide, two world-class production sites in Italy, one in Switzerland and an assembly line in China, Itema has a worldwide presence with commercial, after-sales and training centers in Italy, Switzerland, China, India, Japan, USA, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Part of Radici Group, one of the biggest conglomerates in Italy with more than Euro 1 billion annual turnover, Itema implemented major structural strategies and significant investments in R&D, strongly believing that the key to be rewarded by the market was to differentiate from the competition by providing breaktrough, tailor-made and highly innovative weaving solutions.

The Company’s CEO – Mr. Carlo Rogora, in charge since the end of 2011 and coming from high-level experiences in multinational companies – such as Pirelli SpA – contributed to establishing a modern, international, technologically advanced and agile Company, able to position itself as a leader in the worldwide weaving industry.

Results are clear and unquestionable: since 2012, Itema has managed to double its sales of weaving machines, growing every year despite market volatility and difficult operating conditions

Essential ingredients of the success achieved by Itema have been the choices to rely on the craftsmanship and know-how of its workers and to focus on the excellence of Made in Italy, with the deep reorganization of production facilities, applying the latest lean manufacturing concepts, leading the Company to optimize and maximize production processes, increase productivity and set new quality standards.

Itema also stands out from the competitive landscape due to its flagship twin R&D departments: out of which one, Itema Lab, is fully dedicated to the development of the “loom of the future.” Therein lies the company’s added value: the continuous research to anticipate, meet and exceed the needs of the most demanding weavers worldwide, providing the market with innovative weaving machines which ensure top fabric quality, reliability and the highest performance.

In 2016, Itema was awarded the prestigious Italian Mechatronics Award, beating four other finalists shortlisted.  The Scientific Committee chose Itema for its visionary implementation of mechatronic solutions which are enabling disruptive advancements through the development of high-tech innovative weaving machinery solutions.

Over and above its weaving machines technological advancements and innovations, Itema believes that the future lies in the younger generations. The Company implemented a 12-month hands-on training programme, called Itema Academy, which provides the very best of Itema’s expertise and resources to a pool of promising young graduates, thus giving them the opportunity to cultivate their talent and turn it into a successful career.

Itema delivers every year its best-in-class weaving machines in more than 50 countries around the world, witnessing the Italian excellence in the field of advanced weaving solutions.

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