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In this issue we are presenting such a textile personality who has worked in almost all big parts of textile industry. From yarn making to processing he established himself as an idol specialist. Very interestingly he emerged as a brand developers and now occupying as top level marketing position in a top multinational (BASF) working in Bangladesh. He is none other than Mr. Azharul Islam, another extra ordinarily talented person came out from College of Textile Technology is being brought to you here in this regular part of ITET (Institute of Textile Engineers & Technologists) for BTT readers…………. Golam Rabbi Khan, International Affairs Secretary, ITET (Coordinator- ITET Advertorial for BTT)

Mr. Mir Azharul IslamAs per Mr. Azhar, “I Started professional career in spinning and understand the yarn for its beautiful contribution toward entire textiles usage. By the way, to know the diversify usage in local market was an exciting experience.Tantees & power loom weavers’ were mainly driven by  prices but introducing the quality parameters & its impact on fabric quality, efficacy & return of values emaiged them and was a wonderful experience at that moment of time when they were solely dependent on BTMC’s yarn on queues of poor qualities. Besides, the growing export market drives us to know much more about the fibre, yarn, fabrics, processing and impacts & influences of all odds related to these. Those 4 to 5 years (at Padma Textile Mills, from 1990-1995) was really interesting part of professional life and enjoyed very much. In this period of time interacting with different nationalities was another exciting experience. ”

While he was talking about his work in Beximco Textiles Ltd. (1995-2001), Mr. Azhar was expressing that, “Afterward entering into the fabric processing industry was a challenge for me. But I had a determination to learn & go for it. It was a great opportunity to work with TPM team right from the project inception to implementation. Machineries, dyes, chemicals, overseas travels were challenging as well as exciting. Working in a multicultural multination environment was wonderful and the challenge was to produce highest export quality fabrics. Initial few years was very very challenging to understand the buyers requirement & quality aspects to meet. Getting involve & make involve the multinational dyes/chemicals suppliers to produce the right quality products was very very exciting experience. Introducing Okotex-100 certification for the products (Probably first in the country) was a great experience.” During that time he played a Vital role on development of Bexi Fabrics ( Brand of Dyed/Printed finished Fabrics of  Beximco for Local Market).

Mr. Mir Azharul Islam is a well known Technical personnel in Bangladesh Textile Manufacturing field  and is also well Known to potential buyers sourcing from Bangladesh. In his long career he successfully completed different projects e.g. sewing thread dyeing plant, Label Factory, Packing Factory. He established testing lab for finished fabrics & Yarn Manufacturing. Mr. Azhar also established moist cure wrinkle free method in collaboration with BASF at Bextex Ltd. In his career he worked for Beximco Group, where he was the key person for long time. He was assigned with the responsibilities of Beximco Textile Division as a Head of Manufacturing which includes Padma Textile Mills Ltd. having 120,00 spindles producing spun yarn of Approx. 50,000 Kg./Day, Beximco Textiles Ltd. having 300 Looms,  yarn dyeing plant of capacity 12,000 kg/day dyed yarn  & a woven dyeing finishing plant having processing capacity of 100,000 yds/day of export quality woven fabrics for tops & bottoms, Beximco Knitting Ltd. a composite knit fabrics plants having knitting/dyeing/finishing processing capacity of 10,000 kg/day for export quality knit garments and Beximco Denims Ltd. having capacity of 20,000 yds/day finished denim fabcics including a modern washing plants having washing capacity of 24,000 Pcs/day of export quality garments.

Mir Azharul Islam got his Master of Science Degree in Textile Engineering from M.S. University of Baroda, India by getting ICCR Scholarship 1990-1991. He also got number of overseas training program during his work in Beximco Group.

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