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The ITM 2020 video is online (video)

ITM 2020’s new video is published on the official ITM website and on social media accounts. ‘THE GREAT IDEA: ITM 2020’ is launched both in English and Turkish

Istanbul will host the ITM 2020 International Textile Machinery Exhibition between 2-6 June 2020.

ITM 2020
Figure: ‘THE GREAT IDEA,’ the ITM 2020 video is online.

Preparations for this big organization continue at full speed, where many domestic and foreign textile machinery manufacturers will introduce their new products to visitors, and the industry leaders will make their world launches.

While the sales and marketing continue for ITM 2020, promotion and advertising activities are accelerated. The first fruit from this intense and careful effort, ‘THE GREAT IDEA: ITM 2020’ video is published on social media accounts including YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Published with the slogan ‘The Great Idea’, the video focuses on the global success of the ITM exhibitions with the theme ‘ITM: The meeting point for brand new, extraordinary and original ideas.’

Company owners, managers, employees, industry representatives, and visitors will attend ITM 2020, as a platform where textiles integrate with technology and transform into great ideas, will have the chance to see the latest technological innovations for the first time, witness the global launches, will touch the firsts and meet innovations.

In the video, which covers comments from representative of participant companies such as Oerlikon, Picanol, Monforts, Savio, Effe, Uster, Stoll, Karl Mayer, SPGPrints, Loepfe, Beneks, Itema, Elteksmak, SSM and Mayer&Cie, the international success of ITM exhibitions is highlighted.

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