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At ITMA Jeanologia will present new production model based on digitalization and sustainability

Jeanologia, the Spanish company leader in developing sustainable and efficient technology, will present a new production model based on digitalization and sustainability that reduces times and simplifies processes, reinventing the way of producing jeans.


The company will show a complete solution that achieves 100% ecological production, speeding up time to market through the perfect integration of hardware and software. This new agile and efficient way of producing drastically reduces lead time from months to weeks or even days, adapting to the new market needs.

This innovative process also reduces to a minimum the use of water and chemicals, obtaining significative savings and eliminating discharge; helping companies to reduce their environmental footprint, lower costs and taking care of workers’ health.

Enrique Silla, CEO at Jeanologia, highlights that sustainability has always been their driving force, working to identify the sector needs and developing the necessary technology. “We were facing a production model that was obsolete, with intensive use of manual labor and natural resources. This brought us to completely rethink the way jeans are produced.”

“Today we can assure that we are technologically prepared to introduce a production model which is completely technological, efficient, ethical and sustainable; without compromising product authenticity.” With Jeanologia as the expert technological partner the industry has all the tools it needs to face the future of jean manufacturing.”

From fabric to garment finishing

At ITMA, Jeanologia will exhibit the first complete production center that includes all its technologies and disruptive solutions, from fabric to garment finishing; given that to obtain a sustainable production it is necessary to consider the environmental impact throughout the whole product development process.

Jeanologia at ITMA 2019

The process starts with G2Dynamic, which completely redefines the fabric finishing without using water and chemicals and improves production enhancing the results during the following processes. Fabric finished with G2Dynamic are laser boosters, which means that during the garment finishing faster and more efficient results are gained.

It goes on to Laundry 5.Zero, the first garment finishing plant that guarantees zero pollution and obtains 85% saving in water.

Laundry 5.Zero efficiently combines the technologies: laser, G2 ozone, e-flow, Smart Boxes and H2Zero, the company’s first water recycling system; eliminating potassium permanganate, pumice stone, substances of concern and discharge from the textile finishing industry, as well as the manual processes of scraping and grinding.

Jeanologia goes a step further and offers all the technology and tools necessary for the textile industry to achieve perfect communication throughout the process and thereby be more efficient and competitive with a completely sustainable product.

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