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Jeff Newkirk achieves MFC Certification

New Marine Fabricators Association (MFA) Advisory Board member Jeff Newkirk, Owner of Precision Custom Canvas Inc., in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, achieved Master Fabrics Craftsman (MFC) certification in Marine in December 2019.

Marine Fabricators Association (MFA), a division of IFAI, provides resources and programs for marine fabricators and establishes standards of excellence for business practices, products and craftsmanship.

This certification recognizes that Newkirk has attained the highest level of expertise in all phases of hands-on product design, craftsmanship and installation for the marine industry.

Jeff Newkirk Achieves MFC Certification
Figure: Jeff Newkirk.

Newkirk joins a select group of certified professionals who have participated in rigorous and in-depth testing, design, fabrication, installation and documentation of their work.

Newkirk has been an Industrial Fabrics Association (IFAI) member since 2014. He received a 2019 Marine Fabrication Award of Excellence for his project Cockpit Creativity and a 2015 Marine Fabrication Award of Excellence for his Marquis 65 project, and an Outstanding Achievement Award for Captivating Curtains.

Newkirk says that receiving an MFC helped him understand that its value goes far beyond the designation itself. “It’s a way of selling myself as a higher-level fabricator,” he says. “It’s a marketing opportunity to help set me and my business apart from other fabricators.”

Newkirk says part of the reason he joined the MFA board was to increase the visibility and value of the MFC and Industrial Fabric Manager (IFM) certification programs.

“We have to make them more of a marketing tool by helping customers understand the value they are getting by using fabricators who have achieved this level of craftsmanship. When they see that credential on someone’s website or shop wall, they’ll understand that they’re paying for work that ensures the highest levels of craftsmanship, and that means a great deal for both project skill levels and integrity.”

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