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Jute-Tin, another sustainable innovation by Dr. Mubarak

Bangladesh Jute sector had profound glory in Bangladesh economy. This ‘golden fiber’ can regain its image as jute-diversification has been broadening new prospect of jute. ‘Jute-Tin’ is one of the reviving efforts from Dr. Mubarak Ahmad Khan. Instead of using Lead (Pb) and Zinc (Zn), this long-lasting jute made tin is made from:

  • jute hessian
  • resin
  • coupling agent
  • some hardener
Jute Tin Mubarak Ahmed Khan
Figure: Instead of using Lead (Pb) and Zinc (Zn), this long-lasting jute made tin is a revolutionary alternative.

Lead (Pb) and Zinc (Zn) both have to be imported. Thus, it can be an economical option for Tin production. Metallic tin becomes rusty in a few years. Jute made tin is more durable and stronger than that of metallic tin. Even its production process will be less time consuming and it hardly needs any other energy like gas or electricity. It can withstand rust for 100 years. Saline resistance property will ensure durable protection for the coastal area.

Bangladeshi scientist Dr. Mubarak Ahmad Khan, father of ‘Jute polybag’ invented this ‘Jute-Tin’ and said, “It is sound-proof, heat-proof. In term of currency, almost all raw materials of metal sheet cost foreign currency. Home-made jute can save those and it is more cost-effective”.

He is presently working as scientific advisor of Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation (BJMC) and former Chief Scientific Officer of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission.

Biodegradable ‘Jute-Tin’ can be used to make different furnishings also. It has the prospect of being the alternative of plastic, wood, metallic tin, and cement. Stakeholders’ support is necessary for commercial bulk production of this potential jute made product. This sustainable product diversification will accelerate the economic growth of Bangladesh.

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