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Karam’s quality PPE aiding Indian healthcare workers against COVID-19

India has become a regional hotspot for COVID-19 cases with 18,213 deaths. And hitting record high with daily confirmed cases.

The emergency situation is frontline healthcare professionals there fighting COVID-19 face shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) as cases surge.

Figure: Karam is focusing extensively and intensely on R&D to produce international standard equipment. 

Amid this global frantic search for protective equipment, Karam – a leading Noida-based manufacturing enterprise makes PPE such as safety helmets, safety eyewear, hearing protection, face protection, hand protection, protective workwear, safety shoes, and a range of fall protection equipment – is giving a ray of hope for the country’s medical professionals.

Karam is focusing extensively and intensely on R&D to produce international standard equipment. It has a state-of-the-art manufacturing setup armed with up-to-date, technology-driven machinery. All systems and processes are assessed by SGS UK, and are registered to ISO 9001-2015.

“Our focus will continue to be on providing PPE for healthcare workers who are risking their lives for the country, as India is facing a shortage of quality safety equipment,” said Rajesh Nigam, Co-founder and President, Karam.

Rajesh added, “We will continue meeting global quality standards and lending support in every way possible to help overcome the current crisis. In the long run, we have a vision of expanding the Karam brand’s global presence by entering new markets worldwide.”

The visionary leader shared that there has been a sudden rise in domestic requirements for PPE. To meet the growing demand, Karam began manufacturing splash-resistant goggles and face shields. And partnered with the Centre to provide chemical splash goggles for doctors and the police workforce across the country in the first phase of expansion during the COVID-19 outbreak.

KARAM is deeply committed to protecting the lives of millions of workers working in the industrial environment all across the globe by manufacturing and providing them with the supreme quality of PPE.

KARAM specializes in the field of safety harness & body belts, hooks and karabiners, lanyards, anchor points, horizontal lifelines, vertical lifelines, tripods & winches, rescue & descent equipment, self-retracting lifelines, safety helmets, safety shoes, protective eyewear, hearing protection, welding protection, respirators, etc.

All these products undergo stringent quality checks and are certified as per IS and DGMS and other International norms.

In the long run, Karam has a vision of expanding the brand’s global presence by entering new markets.

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