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LAB 101’s campaign for ‘Revival of Denim’

For nearly 2 years a picture has been doing a lot of rounds in the fashion industry where we can see shiny walls made of aluminum and blood circulation on a dead denim product lying on the operation table. It may seem like a denim product, used in fashion design is being treated very carefully by admitting them to a VIP hospital. And this is what creates a stir in the fashion industry and textile industry around the world.

LAB 101-creates-Revival-of-Denim
Figure: ‘Lab 101’ created a stir in the fashion industry and textile industry around the world with its innovative concept.

In November 2018, Mapo-Gu, in Seoul, Korea, launched a denim brand called ‘Lab 101’ who designs innovative and exceptional denim stores. Just as some food and essential stores or essential hospitals are open 24 hours a day, the store is designed to highlight the importance of denim and fashion, where the store will be available 24 hours a day and night.

In addition to being open, it has a system of eating and drinking and takes rest for customers. People loved the unique and trendy design, the denim brand ‘LAB101’ has opened its new flagship store. It is an unmanned 24-hour store that is rarely seen in the local fashion industry.

The theme of the entire space is being considered as ‘A Renaissance of Denim,’ and similarly, some more basic items have been added to the store. For example, shiny metal has been added inside the store, and a blue fixture can also be noticed in detail when rotated around it.

You can easily separate it from many fashion shops as the large windows, and manque en displays of customers here will attract a lot.  Lab 101 has only one outer gate, which is responsible for a very little understanding of what is inside it.

“Lab101 does not display products in an open space like other ordinary stores,” said the design lab in a loud voice to highlight the importance of the denim & fashion industry

The company’s director, Zeng Heung-wook, said about it “In the case of denim, there are many consumers who try to take products alone & offline. Some others try to wear clothes fitted to the body, and all the benefits are here.”

It can also be an example regarding its payment & security system. The unmanned payment system is installed throughout the store. By tagging the product, when you want to purchase on the payment device, you can decide whether to pick up the item from the size selection and inventory information, pick up the item at the site, or receive it by courier.

Theft and security issues, one of the anxiety factors of unmanned stores, have also been thoroughly prepared. Like manned stores, theft prevention tag was attached to the CCTV and clothing in the store, as well as allowing customers to enter the store only by tagging a credit or debit card.

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