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Lab tests show Micrillon® yarns deactivates human Coronavirus and influenza

UMF Corporation results show important potential for various applications, including the use of Micrillon yarns in PPE

UMF Corporation undergone third-party testing by research organization Integrated Pharma Services (an award-winning contract research organization). Then published a report that its Micrillon sheath and core fibre demonstrates “significant antiviral properties” against SARS-CoV-2, a strain of the coronavirus.

Micrillon is spun into yarn and is knitted into a material which can effectively kill 100% Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and E. coli. This application is also effective for various yarn types of woven and knitted textiles such as towels, privacy curtains and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Figure: UMF Corporation results show important potential for various applications, including the use of Micrillon yarns in PPE.

UMF brought the Micrillon product repowering with C-PULL for better physical care privacy curtains, in 2019. Micrillon has achieved a unique high-performance fibre made by Tennessee-based Universal Fiber Systems.

UMF Corporation CEO George Clarke was expressing his adventure as more focused than ever before.

Micrillon can be acquainted as a rechargeable, broad-spectrum, polymer additive incorporated with films, plastics and fibres. This material is charged with chlorine molecules. In the company’s speech- The Micrillon is filled with chemistry for recharging the life of the product and will not harm the environment. When bacteria and mold will bend with a Micrillon surface, they vanish; viruses are inactivated, UMF provides.

Extra fibres, including a 50% polyester, 50% polyamide hollow-core framed by pie have been innovated and is recently being tested. Antiviral performance testing was conducted based on ISO Standard 18184:2019: Defining Antiviral Activity of Textile Products.

Dr. Mina Izadjoo, President and Chief Science Officer of Integrated Pharma Services informed that they were preparing a manuscript on the results of the Micrillon antimicrobial studies for submission to peer-reviewed journals. It’s conducted antimicrobial efficacy testing of Micrillon. The laboratory and the results demonstrated that it was effective against Influenza and Coronavirus strains when challenged at 10, 30 and 120 minutes. Micrillon fibres is finally going with additional tests by Integrated Pharma Services, including Micrillon 50% PET/50% PA bicomponent splittable hollow-core filament that separates into 16 triangular fibres and a 4DG Micrillon fiber.

Integrated Pharma Services is opted to providing solutions for hard-to-treat human diseases and it’s thrilling to be part of the UMF Micrillon studies- Dr. Izadjoo added.

This effort is done collaboratively with UMF to help with advancement of novel solutions for current and emerging infectious diseases.

The results are a testament to the commitment to researching and developing high-performance products for infection prevention and commercial cleaning and disinfection. There are significant implications for industries including healthcare – where it can be included in PPE – as well as hospitality and education, which are more focused than ever before on infection prevention in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a plan to incorporate Micrillon splittable bicomponent microfiber in all our Perfect CLEAN products later this year.

Integrated Pharma Services (IPS) LLC is an Award-Winning Contract Research Organization (CRO) and reliable partner to potential customers. IPS engages Ph.D. level scientists and skilled technical staff to design, conduct experiments, and report scientific data.

UMF Corporation is the leader in the research and development of high-performance products, programs and training for the infection prevention and commercial cleaning markets. Through extensive testing, exhaustive analysis and the commitment of significant human and financial resources, new antimicrobial technologies have been merged with innovative product designs that are redefining the future.

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