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‘LAB102 – Blue veins of CHT’ launched in Bangladesh

CHT Group launched its new brand ‘LAB102 — the blue veins of CHT’ for jeans and garments in Bangladesh on 15 November at its Bangladesh representative, RH Corporation’s premises in Dhaka.

Figure 1: LAB102 Bangladesh team with CHT and RH Corporation high-ups.

LAB102—the blue veins of CHT – under this brand name and slogan, the group of companies would like to offer its worldwide denim customers sustainable chemical solutions and technologies in the future.

Thomas Aplas, Textile Auxiliary Solutions, Head of Jeans & Garment, CHT Group said in the event, “LAB102 stands for always moving forward. And CHT has expert teams around the globe to produce the same quality chemical products globally.”

Thomas Aplas-LAB102–CHT-Bangladesh
Figure 2: Thomas Aplas, Textile Auxiliary Solutions, Head of Jeans & Garment, CHT Group.

“CHT’s Garment Capsule Branding does the same perceptible/visible level as some important competitors which are fully/only focused on garments. Giving customers a very strongly brand-oriented comfort. The brands act in their own look and feel the world – again it has to do with perception, very important. E.g. as a chemical manufacturer, it is still difficult to be accepted by fashion brands.”

“What we want to achieve with it, our fashion part more in the foreground to address the brands more. Also here we want to be visible as a bridge between fashion and chemistry. Our existing customers should be ‘reassured’, CHT is growing strongly and not only in textiles but in the other areas of the garment too,” Thomas Aplas added.

“Through LAB102 – it promises optimization of treatments/reduction of chemicals. Also, new technologies output can be improved by smart chemicals. Moreover, LAB102’s chemical auxiliaries support technology and it is innovative.”

Özgür Cagrici-LAB102–CHT-Bangladesh
Figure 3: Özgür Cagrici, Technical Manager Garment, Textile Auxiliary Solutions, CHT Group.

Özgür Cagrici, Technical Manager Garment, Textile Auxiliary Solutions, CHT Group said, “CHT provides best possible chemistry for the customers.”

“LAB102’s area of application are nebulization, laser, LLT and ozone.”

Özgür Cagrici added, “CHT organIQ is the smart way of ecological jeans finishing – Giving jeans the fashionable used look without polluting the environment. The CHT Group stands for sustainable chemical solutions, innovations for future-oriented processes and smart products.”

Hafizur Rahman Nixon-LAB102–CHT-Bangladesh
Figure 4: Eng. A.S.M Hafizur Rahman Nixon, Executive Director, RH Corporation moderated the event.

Eng. A.S.M Hafizur Rahman Nixon, Executive Director, RH Corporation moderated the event. Where CHT’s local customers i.e., textile factories representatives were present – along with leaders of the Bangladesh textile industry.

Figure 5: CHT’s local customers along with leaders of the Bangladesh textile industry were present in the event.

LAB102 is not only chemistry, but also technology is the focus for ensuring sustainability. Fogging, laser and ozone techniques are innovations that are currently paving the way for new ways of treating jeans and garments and are at the highest ecological level. Their use can lead to extreme savings in water and energy. The use of chemicals can also be reduced if processes are optimized and adapted to the new requirements. To this end, the “Jeans & Garment” team of the CHT Group works together with the leading machine manufacturers worldwide on new developments.

Earlier, CHT globally launched the LAB102 denim brand at the trade fair Kingpins Show in Amsterdam.

CHT Group is a medium-sized global player in specialty chemicals and is active worldwide in development, production and sales. CHT Germany GmbH in Tübingen is the headquarters of the group of companies, which focuses on sustainable chemical products and process solutions.

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