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Lack of focus on diversified products leads towards factory closure

Recently some apparel factories have closed their units due to not having enough orders from buyers. Why are they not getting orders from buyers? In this regard, Kazi Iftaquer Hossain, President of BGBA said, “The factories those closed their units never go for the diversified product and there are still many factories in Bangladesh those are doing products in same category from the beginning to till now. So, they have big fighting to grab the order.”

He said this in a press conference organized by Bangladesh Garment Buying House Association (BGBA) today on 7 September at BGBA office premises. They organized this conference to highlight the contribution of Garment Buying House in the Bangladesh RMG sector and to express their gratitude to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for initiating ‘The Ministry of Textiles and Jute’ as well as to pass a bill in the Bangladesh Parliament on ‘Textile Bill 2018’.

Figure: Kazi Iftaquer Hossain, President of BGBA is briefing in the press conference where the members of the association were present.

Kazi Iftaquer Hossain read out the written script at the press conference while Md. Aminul Islam, Secretary General, BGBA and CEO City Apparel Tex-Co., Harun-Ur-Rashid, Sr.Vice President, BGBA and Managing Director, Prophecy Enterprise , Md. Anwar Shahid, Vice President, BGBA and Managing Director, Shimex International Ltd. were present with him.

Kazi Iftaquer Hossain said that after the Rana Plaza tragedy Bangladesh Garment Buying House Association (BGBA) was pleading the government to form a separate ministry for the RMG sector and it was a great initiative by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to establish the ministry.

“She realized that the textile and jute sector is playing an important role in our overall economic development including industrialization, employment generation and creation of export to the country.”

Mentioning the BGBA activities, he informed that it was a long struggle for BGBA to be registered as an association from the government of Bangladesh in 2006 though it started the journey from 2002.

In line with the principle of promoting the development of Bangladesh Readymade Garment (RMG) Industry BGBA was asking a complete policy for the garment intermediary business. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has included the garment intermediary business in the ‘Textile Bill 2018’ and so the intermediary organization can easily get the registration from the Directorate of Textile now, he added

BGBA is collaborating with The Ministry of Textiles and Jute to establish a good and effective disciplinary policy for the Garment Buying House, he mentioned

Referring to market success, he said, “Research and development on marketing is indispensable to enhance success in the intermediary business as well as to keep growth for the Bangladeshi RMG sector. In this regard, adaption of technology is essential to be competitive in the international market.”

“Foreign traders are not all time under the government’s control due to lack of monitoring and insufficient of policy, so Bangladesh government should draw up complete policy and keep watch on them so that it will be easy to stop illegal foreign trading business,” Kazi Iftaquer Hossain said while answering a question.

Harun-Ur-Rashid, Sr.Vice President , BGBA and Managing Director, Prophecy Enterprise said in an answer to a separate question, “Bangladesh government should work and sign on Free Trade Agreement ( FTA)  with the EU, USA or other strong economic country to boost up the RMG sector. But the matter of regret is we don’t see any meaningful drive from the government”.

“I don’t believe that brands are not paying for the manufacturer because we see Korean factory like YoungOne is having order in higher value because they are doing high-end product in Bangladesh,” he added.

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