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Latest Rotor Spinning Technology with the new R 66

The new S 66 spin box is the heart of the R 66 rotor spinning machine and the core of innovations. Further developed from the S 60 box, it allows higher yarn tenacity and better yarn evenness. With the new CHANNEL pass, it is additionally more flexible. The improved ergonomic design makes operation even easier and more time-saving.

The central function of the R 66 is to produce a yarn which meets the requirements of the various markets. The yarn quality is the basis for the success of a spinning mill. An appropriate yarn quality allows the spinner to organise the raw material selection very flexibly or to increase the productivity.

Low spinning tension and high delivery speed     

fig1 en_Original (1)
Fig. 1 The TWIST unit can be quickly replaced with a single manual action.

The innovative spinning geometry already proved its worth with the S 60. With the compact TWIST unit comprising of CHANNEL insert, take-off nozzle and TWIST stop, the take-off tube is eliminated (Fig. 1).

This results in a significant reduction of the spinning tension and the spinning stability is thereby increased.

Without isolating covers, the TWIST unit conducts the frictional heat from the nozzle more efficiently. This “COOL nozzle” technology enables high speeds to be achieved, especially with temperature-sensitive fibres, without leaving melting points in the yarn. The open construction of the S 66 spin box also reduces accumulation of trash.

Integrated precision for better yarn quality

At every closure of the S 66 spin box, the middle axis of the take-off nozzle is automatically centered to the middle axis of the rotor. That ensures not only the precise feeding of the fibre from the fibre guide groove into the rotor but also the perfect take-off point of the fibres from the rotor on the take-off nozzle. And that from spin box to spin box, over the entire machine length. The S 66 box thus guarantees high yarn tenacity and better yarn evenness.

The construction of the TWIST unit is accordingly designed, so that the existing vacuum on the spin box permanently fixes the position of the CHANNEL insert at the right spot. With spin boxes of other suppliers, the vacuum draws this element undefined out of its ideal position.

Unique innovation for flexibility

The S 66 is the only spin box to influence trash extraction during the opening process by means of the BYpass. With the production of very fine cotton or man-made fibres, the BY pass remains closed to prevent any fibres being lost. With the spinning of heavily soiled slivers or waste material, the BY pass is half or fully opened.

The SPEED pass is an energy-saving solution for the spinning of denim or very coarse yarns. With these applications, the spin box must deal with a greater fibre mass. The unique SPEED pass accordingly allows an increased airflow rate without higher vacuum.

An innovation in respect of flexibility is the CHANNEL pass. This exchangeable element can precisely adapt the air conditions in the fibre channel to different raw materials. More information on the CHANNEL pass and the new S 66 spin box will be provided by Rieter at the ITMA in Milan.

Strengths with resource-friendly spinning of waste materials

The advantages of the S 66 spin box in relation to yarn tenacity and evenness can also be exploited at the lower end of the raw material spectrum. The adjustable BY pass and an optional adapter in the trash elimination support the process. With the R 66 high quality yarns can be created from suitable waste blends (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 Thanks to the latest technology, the R 66 achieves high tenacity, even from material blends in the lower range of the raw material spectrum (TIS project no. 26466).

Experiences of various customers

Customers confirm the advantages of the modern spinning technology and the high productivity that is thereby obtainable. Several practical production examples:

230 m/min for an Ne 18 knitting yarn from 100 % cotton in the USA

Rotor speeds of 148 000 min-1 for an Ne 32 woven yarn from 100 % cotton in China

224 m/min for an Ne 20 knitting yarn from a polyester-cotton blend in the USA.

Save costs with operation and maintenance

Fig. 3 The new S 66 spin box can be easily opened and saves the operator’s time.

Better spinning stability with the R 66 rotor spinning machine leads to better running conditions and therefore to fewer ends down. Fewer ends down reduce operator workload, also with automatic machines.

The disassembly and installation of the spinning elements without tools, the good accessibility of the box and the simple operation make it considerably easier for the maintenance and operating personnel. As a further innovation, the ergonomically redesigned spin box is even easier to open (Fig. 3). Consequently, longer R 66 machines can be operated without additional personnel.

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