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Leadership excellence – the VIP model

This Article is being published in two parts. This is the 2nd part of them. Please continue reading from previous issue.



(7) Plan:
Planning is a very core component of management. But in my opinion, effective  leadership largely depends on effective planning. It forecasts future based on objectives set by the concerned leadership role. It helps an effective leader to remain focused to accept the best alternative option with lots of flexibility. I love the quote by GR TERRY. He says, “Today’s efforts are tomorrow’s work that the manager thought about yesterday”

An effective leader is always aware of 5 essential functions of planning such as what, why, how, who and when. Let me just give a very simple idea about each function in the following:

  1. WHAT?: Before going to plan anything, the planner has to know what he is planning about. It is the first and foremost question put forward in his/her mind. So he/she has to have a very crystal clear idea about what is going to be planned. Otherwise there will not be any proper procedure of planning. The planner has to be very specific in this regard. We are talking about objectives based on the Vision set by the leader!
  2. WHY? : The planner has to know why he/she is planning. The elements may cover the importance of his planning, the probable output of the planning, the features and scopes of the planning, the probable problems he/she will encounter and so on….
  3. WHO? : This is the stage when there is a question of people involved in implementing the planning. Who will do the implementation?, who are involved in the process of implementation? The placement of the best and the worst, delegation or authority etc.
  4. HOW? : Now the planner has got a clear idea about what he is dealing with, why he is doing it, who are involved in this process of planning. The next important answer he has to seek is how to do it. At this stage the planner has to find every possible way to find how to put it into execution. A very detail and elaborate solution has to be chosen from various angles to accelerate the process of implementation. The planner has to have all necessary data and information about his planning. He has to be very careful, thoughtful, innovative, self-motivated and devoted to know every possible “know how”….
  5. WHEN? : Now it is the question of time management. The planner has to coordinate and synchronize the whole process. He has to be very time effective in this case. He has to design every detail in accordance with a proper time management. The more effective the time management, the better output he gets.

So for an effective it’s very important to plan his actions to reach his vision. Sometimes people call ‘planning’ ‘half-battle’ won!. When YOU have your planning in place other things fall in to place by default. An effective leader is always an excellent planner.



(8) Prepare:   
I strongly believe that an effective leader must prepare himself/herself in four particular areas of his life. I’ve copied the concept from the Guru of my same industry Stephen R. Covey. He’s actually used it for a successful man. I opine that an effective leader is always a successful man in life. Let me point out the four areas where an effective leader must concentrate his energy:

Four Areas Four Intelligences Four Principles
BODY Physical Quotient/ Intelligence (PQ) Health is wealth
MIND Intelligence  Quotient (IQ) Knowledge when applied is power
HEART Emotional Quotient (EQ) A happy mind brings more synergy
SPIRIT Spiritual Quotient (SQ) Religion brings peace & harmony in life

An effective leader of our modern time must have a sound preparedness in four areas I’ve already pointed out. He has to prepare himself to bring physical fitness. He should at least spend 30 minutes daily or 3 hours once a week for exercise such as jogging, breathing exercise, walking or swimming. It’s based on the principle “Health is Wealth”. It takes care of his BODY. A healthy man is a wealthy man. He should have balance diet and maintain proper weight to have full stamina for effective leadership. Sound sleep is also essential for sound health.

A long time ago John F Kennedy said, “Learning and leadership are indispensable to each other.” This is the age of wisdom. Knowledge without its application is worthless. An effective leader always remains updated about the particular field he deals with. He regularly spends minimum 30 minutes daily in some sort study. As leadership is more soft skills based, an effective leader spends time in soft skills related subject like modern leadership, effective communication skills, teambuilding for work place productivity, use of global language in use such as English and so forth. So apart from pre-requisite academic study, an effective leader always takes care of his I.Q that is his mental intelligence deal with the outside world of his leadership. If necessary send your team members for training and learning program. Inspire them to read books as part of their habit during free time. There’s hardly any free time for the professionals. Teach them how to get free time during lunch, tea break or on their way to office or back home. This area is based on the principle “Knowledge when applied is power!”  It takes care of his MIND.

A happy man can make himself happy and other people around him happier. It’s the healthy mind that brings energy in a person. When an effective leader has that energy, he can easily convert it in to synergy. So an effective leader looks for happy moments, spends happy time and shares it with the people around him or her. Happiness brings abundance in life. It’s how you make your life style happier day by day and take control for everything, because you are ready for it. An effective leader loves what he does and he does what he loves. He creates a social circle through different social media to exchange ideas and updated information to update his wisdom. He loves making friends in all areas to strengthen his social and professional network. He belongs to his own community and sometimes beyond! A person’s wealth depends on how people he serves and helps. The more social skills a leader has the more effective his leadership role is. So socialize and go for cooperation and collaboration. Enrich your emotional quotient. This principle is based on “A happy mind brings more synergy” whatever it works with!

Every religion teaches good things in life. Our social and moral values most of the time depend on the ritual of religion. Every religion has a huge impact in our personal, social and political life. Religion controls us from being derailed from the beauty and proper track of life. Life becomes more and more beautiful when we perform our own religion with proper respect and honor to other religions. This is based on the principle, “Religion brings peace and harmony in life”.

An effective leader prepares himself and prepares his TEAM to continuously update himself and themselves so that they can reach the set Vision smoothly and efficiently. He also creates another team of effective leaders for the next level or generation leadership.This creation of next level or next generation leadership is only possible by delegating authority to the identified potential ‘would be’ leaders. Delegation prepares next level and next generation leadership and at the same time the existing leader gets ample opportunity to become GREAT from GOOD! An effective leader always inspires his team to have full stamina for action. These are the 4 areas which can bring the stamina and synergy.



(9) Perform:
This is the stage I call ‘leadership in action!’ Leadership is all about actions. The other 8 elements of my VIP model are theory only. There is a saying, “It’s very easy to say but very difficult to perform”.  Performance depends on strategic decision. Strategic decision comes from strategic thoughts. My other 8 elements of the VIP model are nothing but strategic thoughts. Once they are followed, performance will automatically go up and higher.

Abraham Lincoln said once, “If I had eight hours to chop a tree, I would spend six hours sharpening my axe”. Strategic thoughts and theories give us more accurate sense of direction to perform in a much better way. An effective leader performs in a team. He is always a people-oriented professional. He delegates and inspires his other team leaders to lead the team. He also acts as a coordinator among his team members. He monitors the activities and measures the progress periodically so that they can reach the Vision within the stipulated time.

Another most important thing for an effective to remember is that leadership is an art! An artist gets trained or influenced by another successful artist. Like other artists an effective leader remains in touch with a mentor as his model to follow. If YOU want to be the best of your industry, follow the best model and be the best. He follows the best model in the industry for his professional career-either corporate or entrepreneurial leadership. An effective leader has open mind and eyes to perform according to his vision. Strategically he finds out the best possible ways to reach his goals. As always his vision becomes his mission and goals and he always sticks to his vision with productive passion, focus and care.

This VIP model of mine is an attempt to make the potential leaders of all walks of life aware of functional understanding about the dynamic approach to leadership style. Any style of leadership can customize the model according to his or her own needs. It requires full motivation, innovation and focus to apply the elements of the VIP model. This model is equally applicable to social, political, organizational and entrepreneurial leadership. Any potential leader from any sector and any industry can use the VIP Model as ‘food for thoughts’ and achieve success. ” A journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step”. A leader of today can use these tools to become an effective leader of tomorrow. Tomorrow begins now. Learn the tools and apply them and be “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise” for “Leadership Excellence”.

(This article is based on a comprehensive training program by Microgenix BD Limited, on different soft skills such as 

1. Professional Office Manner and Etiquette
2. Effective Business English and Communication-EBEC
3. Effective Time and Stress Management at work
4. Negotiation Skills for Professionals
5. Theory of Positivity: Real Beauty of Life
6. Customer Service Excellence
7. The Art of Selling
8. Effective Leadership & Efficient Management
9. Teambuilding for Workplace Productivity  etc. for the sales and the management team of Microgenix BD Limited in learning partnership with Society for Leadership Skills Development. Today’s article only focuses on Leadership Excellence!)

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