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Leading fashion trends for 2020

The end of a decade and the beginning of a new period marks significant importance for the fashion industry – from manufacturing to end consumers. The automation 4.0, sustainability will be paramount in all the points of the supply chain. These will play a critical role in the fashion industry and for fashion designers in this decade.

Let’s divulge in some of the new trends that move fashion into new directions in 2020.

Color denim

Color denim, Balmain Spring 2020
Figure 1: Backstage at Balmain RTW Spring 2020 displaying an array of color denim.

Color denim remains popular among consumers. French fashion designer Olivier Rousteing – Creative Director of Balmain using a monochromatic color like yellow, pink, cobalt blue and Kelly green into his assortment of S/S 20 jeans and cropped and belted jean jackets.

French fashion house Isabel Marant brought orange denim puffed sleeved blouse and matching jeans, as well as green denim cut-off shorts and jean jackets.

Chanel red caught attention in the runways. And Alberta Ferretti red and orange denim collection with tie-dyed denim overalls, along with slouchy boyfriend jeans and hobo bags.

Upcycled denim

Upcycled denim 2020
Figure 2: Upcycled denim gained  traction in 2019 and circularity becoming a prominent topic in jeanswear.

Upcycled denim is already a well underway thanks to manufacturers, brands, and other stakeholders. Ellen MacArthur’s Jean Redesign program gaining traction in 2019 and circularity becoming a prominent topic in jeanswear, upcycled denim will likely be the main attraction across all tiers of fashion.

Intimate wear

Katie Holmes Khaite bra
Figure 3: Comfortable and vintage-inspired innerwear gained popularity. Courtesy: BACKGRID

In innerwear fashion recently actress Katie Holmes inspired cashmere bra by the buzzy New York-based label Khaite became a top seller. The look has a well-judged ’90s feel and combining luxurious comfort with elegance in a way that can easily take customers from late summer all the way through to fall.

Fashion Editor Alyssa Vingan Klein‏ said, “I will be thinking about that Katie Holmes photo for weeks, if not months.”


Tom Ford satin 2020

Recently satin is on the rise. With brands like Staud, Tibi and Tom Ford brought satin culottes, jumpsuits and cargo pants.

The salon effect that looks cool with sneakers or heels. With fashion in a high color cycle, the fabric also helps deepen the hues.


Non-profit Fashion Revolution’s review of 200 major brands and retailers’ public disclosures gave the companies an average rating of 21 percent for the transparency of their supply chains.

Transparency, fashion industry 2020
Figure 4: Transparency in the supply chain is one of the key factors in the fashion industry.

Some brands have made progress to improve disclosure and provide more information. For the first time, a number of brands scored above 60 percent, including Adidas–the highest scoring brand at 64 percent. Reebok, Patagonia, Esprit and H&M rounded out the top five.

Despite some signs of progress, there’s still a long way to go in 2020. Even when it comes to hot button issues like gender equality and climate action, brands remain highly opaque.

Political fashion

Political fashion, US Presidency 2020
Figure 5: Political fashion in the upcoming US Presidency in 2020 will be under the spotlight. Courtesy: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders/Corbis via Getty Images

Also, fashion’s political side will be in the high demand with a U.S. presidential election year. candidates and their spouses will be under the spotlight on which brands they are dressing. designers frequently use their fall/winter runway shows to make a last-minute case for the causes and candidates they support.


Leather for spring season 2020
Figure 6: Brands like Coach 1941, Givenchy, Marni and Prada are making a strong case for leather fashion.

Leather for spring season might sound like a hot mess, but brands like Coach 1941, Givenchy, Marni and Prada are making a strong case for it to become a year-round staple with garments like tank dresses, bandeaus and versatile trench coats. Cheery pops of color help lighten leather looks. Standouts include sunny yellow, orange, teal and gray.

Environmental fashion

Not to mention with global environmental activists increasing their calls towards fashion brands for more sustainable actions to tackle the global climate change – all the stakeholders alike will join for more and more conversations, activities, promises through special collections, statement tees and new sustainable goals.

Environmental fashion 2020
Figure 7:  CYCLO Recycled Fibers of Simco Spinning & Textile Ltd producing recycled fiber for the fashion industry. Courtesy: CYCLO

Today’s consumer generation is chasing second-hand clothing like ever before. Currently, the fashion industry is driven by two major factors – firstly, the growing demand for clothing and secondly, less negative impact on the environment. Considering these two factors, second-hand clothing is the best way to make your fashion more sustainable.

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