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Lenzing set to launch new sustainable denim capsule collection at Kingpins Amsterdam

TENCEL™ Lyocell with REFIBRA™ technology takes center stage at Kingpins Amsterdam October 24-25 with a sustainable denim capsule collection, “Midnight Blues.” The collection is the result of Lenzing’s collaboration with emerging denim designer, Pawan Kumar; SAITEX, the world’s cleanest denim manufacturer; and more than a dozen global mills respected for their sustainable practices.

Lenzing to Launch New Sustainable Denim Capsule
Figure: Lenzing to show a sustainable denim capsule collection, “Midnight Blues” at Kingpins Amsterdam.

“The ‘Midnight Blues’ collection proves just how beautiful, versatile, and sustainable denim can be,” says Tricia Carey, director of global business development for denim at Lenzing. “TENCEL™ Lyocell with REFIBRA™ technology brings circularity to textiles by using post-industrial cotton waste to make new lyocell fibers. Initially launched in February 2017, we now have a wider range of mills and brands integrating REFIBRA™ technology into their collections.”

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REFIBRA™ technology reflects Lenzing’s commitment to circular economy. The pioneering technology utilizes cotton scraps recovered from industrial operations that would otherwise be discarded. The upcycled cotton is combined with responsibly harvested wood and transformed into TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers using Lenzing’s environmental award-winning closed loop Lyocell process.

The ‘Midnight Blues’ collection proves just how beautiful, versatile, and sustainable denim can be.

Tricia Carey, director of global business development for denim, Lenzing

“Gorgeous, sustainable denim fabrics made with TENCEL™ Lyocell with REFIBRA™ technology form a high-quality foundation for the ‘Midnight Blues’ collection,” says fashion designer Pawan Kumar. Who is an advocate of sustainable materials and sustainable design. Pawan studied the art of sustainable finishing as a designer at Jeanologia, the innovation leader in this technology. The TENCEL™ Denim fabrics Pawan selected for “Midnight Blues” were processed using Jeanologia technology and manufactured at SAITEX, considered to be one of the most sustainable denim manufacturing facilities in the world.

Lead by Sanjeev Bahl, SAITEX has been awarded both Blue Sign and LEED certifications. Additionally, the factory drastically reduces water use by eliminating water waste and recycling up to 98% of the water it uses. In fact, the only water not recovered in the Saitex process is the water that is lost to natural evaporation. Saitex has invested in industry leading equipment that makes washing a much more resource efficient process as compared to the inefficient “belly” washers used in traditional manufacturing.

“We are drawing the highest caliber of design talent from across the globe to work at our facilities. In partnership with the innovators at Lenzing, we are proud to have provided the collaboration and expertise needed to bring Pawan Kumar’s vision to life in the most sustainable context.” says Bahl, owner of SAITEX.

The capsule includes jeans, dresses, T-shirts, sweaters and jackets for both women and men.

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