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Long-awaited gathering of textile worlds occurs at ITM, Istanbul

Bangladesh’s strong participation in ITM 2022 

It has been three years since a major international textile machinery exhibition took place. The industry met last time in Barcelona for ITMA. International Textile Machinery Exhibition – ITM 2022 – being postponed for two years in a row, fortunately, the exhibition found the right time rather a lucky time to fit it in a phase when practically no restrictions were in place.

Bangladeshi textile and apparel companies always love to visit global exhibitions. And now when the Bangladesh readymade garment (RMG) industry is getting flooded by a flurry of garment orders, most companies are going for expansion to cater to the influx of work orders. For them, ITM has become a prodigious opportunity to meet countless global technology providers. Hundreds of Bangladeshi entrepreneurs flocked to the exhibition.

Figure 1: Some of the Bangladeshi visitors at the Bangladesh Textile Today booth.

Emir, ITM Visitor Services In-charge informs Textile Today that visitors from 92 countries have registered to participate in ITM. In the first two days, about 25,000 people joined the show and they have been expecting around 60,000 in total.

Resource-efficient technologies are high in demand

I talked to a lot of Bangladeshi companies who have done a careful study before visiting the ITM. Some of them are looking to automate the sampling process to improve efficiency on the production floor. Some were searching for machinery that can give greater space utilization. Many companies in Bangladesh that were once planned for say 10 tons of fabric processing now have reached about 30 tons capacity. But that is not the end, now even if they want to increase the capacity further are facing challenges like less space and new utility is also hard to get and costly as well, etc.

So Bangladeshi textile and apparel entrepreneurs must fit in many things simultaneously. Which has become a key innovation focus needed on-demand today. And so for example, a Turkish company called IDES – its dyeing solution is phenomenal – as it brings significant technological dyeing innovative solutions to Bangladeshi dyeing mills. Ides machines fit into smaller places, at the same time, provide up to 30% more space utilization. It has maximum loading (Without Plaiter) and the lowest water consumption.

Figure 2: Tareq Amin with Omer EMEL (Middle), Sales Director for Bangladesh, Egypt and Pakistan, IDES Textile Machinery; Engr. Rezaul Karim (Right), CEO, Texmedia Engineering (local partner of IDES).

Denim washing machines see technology upgrades

Traditionally the belly machines are water-hungry. The front-loading new machines also have been consuming water even more than 10 times the materials. Though the new generation of rotary machines has taken the liquor ratio down to about 1:4; the industry asks for a more sustainable process. And so came water nozzles, ozone sprays and even foam techniques to be mounted on the machines to bring it waterless.

Figure 3: Rajibul Huq Chowdhury, MD, RH Corporation (A sister concern of Aziz Group); A S M Hafizur Rahman, ED, RH Corporation at the Bangladesh Textile Today booth.

Now you need to wet your jeans first and in the subsequent operations, you can apply chemicals on the surface of the fabric through these techniques. The technologies are robust. But still, Bangladeshi companies are wondering how easily they can adopt them. A good number of visitors from Bangladesh headed to the special Denim zone at ITM. They have discussed the nitty-gritty of the technology. Against the growing pressure from brands and coupled with the stringent reality – the industry is eager to adopt the newest technologies to adopt.

Digital printing breakthrough

The industry embraced digital printing technology overwhelmingly. But of course, any new technology faces hindrances at the beginning. Now after several years, digital printing technology has become trustworthy and reliable. Printing head performance is improving, maintenance getting better, and productivity is improving. For many days the passionate investors were looking for solutions. Along with the efficiency gains the sector has seen some breakthroughs as well. Companies at ITM showed the intent to make digital printing houses independent cutting the need for pre-treatment operations and also post-treatment operations.


Bangladeshi investors while looking for increasing their capacity of production they also need to find out ways of adding more value to the products. As most of the brands now rely heavily on Bangladesh they want to see the scope of doing more and more products in one place. This makes their sourcing life easy and cost also gets down for them. Hence technologies like digital printing is vital for Bangladeshi manufacturers to diversify their capacity. Although a good number of digital printing machines have been installed in Bangladesh and to follow the fashion trend – more machines are likely to be added. As a result, entrepreneurs are keen to check those out.

Textile Today represents Bangladesh in the show

Like countless times before – Bangladesh Textile Today (BTT) is carrying the Bangladesh flag in the ITM 2022. Being the global meeting place it is always imperative to have robust participation. BTT assisted many Bangladeshi visitors to reach the exhibition and joined major side events at the expo. Thousands of global visitors around the world are visiting the BTT booth to find out the scope of doing business in Bangladesh. The BTT booth is like the address of Bangladesh is the show where more than 1280 exhibitors showcase their products and services.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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