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Los Angeles Apparel closed after 300 covid case and 4 deaths

Figure: Los Angeles Apparel ordered to be closed after 300 covid cases and 4 deaths by US health officials.

Los Angeles Apparels in South Los Angeles has been ordered closed after 300 confirmed coronavirus cases among employees after an investigation by the US health officials. Three workers from the unit died last month and one more in this months. Also the Department of Public Health gave detailed instructions and steps to reopen.

“At the moment, Los Angeles is instructed to discontinue clothing until they can show that the facility is in full compliance with public health orders,” the health department said.

According to health officials, Los Angeles Apparel was founded in 2016 by Dave Charney, who previously founded American Clothing. For violating the county’s mandatory health order, the company’s manufacturing unit was closed down on June 27. Officials noticed multiple violations while visiting the facility on June 26, including physical distance and infection control protocol violations using cardboard as a barrier among workers.

Later on, the health department received an incomplete list of all employees in the company on July 4, with 198 positive results. The health department then compared the list with the results of the laboratories and concluded that there were more than 300 positive cases of Covid-19 on the site.

Owner of the factory, Charney said the garment manufacturers created cardboard barriers among workers to reduce the spread of the virus, but insisted that the company was not told the material did not comply with health orders. Instead, he described the lack of clear guidance from employers to protect workers and blamed health officials for it, calling it “poor practices on their part.”

He also disputed the assertion of health officials that the company prevented health officials from entering the factory for inspections, saying they were only told to wait until the firm’s legal counsel reached on site.

According to him, officials are operating with bad faith and in search of scapegoats and the decision to close the factory is political.

More than 300,000 coronavirus cases have been recorded in California in which 40% are in Los Angeles County. The state is also treating more than 6,000 patients with hospital admissions and ICU rates reaching record highs.

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