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Mahmud Denims Ltd, a name for quality denim fabrics

Mahmud Denims Ltd. (MDL), a sister concern of Mahmud Group is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of denim fabric in Bangladesh since 2006.

Mahmud Denims weaving

MDL has developed a fully vertical setup of spinning, weaving, dyeing, finishing and ETP plant with the latest sustainable technologies. Mahmud Denims employed green technology to produce environment-friendly denim for world-renowned buyers like H&M, KIABI, C&A, Carrefour, Mango, M&S, Bestseller, Debenhams, etc.

Table: Mahmud Denims Ltd. at a glance

Establishment year 2006
Plant area 49 acres
No. of employee 3150
Production capacity 4 million yds per month
Spinning process Ring spinning, open-ended
Spinning capacity 30 tons per day (ring & OE)
No. of weaving machine Air jet-198 from Picanol, Rapier -120 from Picanol Optimax
Dyeing processes Rope dyeing, Slasher dyeing, Woven fabric dyeing (CPB) (4 Slasher dyeing, 2 Sizing, 6 direct warping, One Rope (32) Dyeing and 5 Ball warping machines)
ETP (Biological) 200 cubic meter/hr.
Buyers H&M, KIABI, C&A, Inditex, Carrefour, Mango, M&S, Bestseller, Debenhams, HEMA, K-Mark, etc.
Expansion plan Rooftop solar, Rainwater harvesting plant, Extended finishing floor


Mahmud Spinning Ltd has well-established spinning shade where the new technology and latest machinery are installed to produce a top quality ring and open-end yarn. The company imports about 800 tons raw cotton from West Africa, Brazil, USA and always three-month stock are available in their store.

Mahmud Denims Ltd
Figure 1: Mahmud Denims Ltd. has own strong backward facility.

They mainly produce Ne 6’s to Ne 20’s yarn of different types like lycra, dual-core, slub, regular, siro yarn and cotton blend, etc. Production capacity is about 10,296 spindles in ring process and 1440 drum in the open end process.

Trützschler, Toyota, Oerlikon brands of the machine are used in ring spinning. A latest and advanced model of Autocoro 360 open-ended machine is enabling it to produce excellent yarn. They also use optical yarn clearing technology from Loepfe Brothers Ltd.

Cones are conditioned in SARA ELGI PROFIX by maintaining standard temperature and relative humidity.


With the growth of the industry, the laboratory facilities have not grown in Bangladesh significantly. But MSL has a full setup of a testing laboratory which is equipped with top-notch companies like Uster.

Mahmud spinning lab machinery
Figure 2: Mahmud spinning lab is well equipped with branded testing machinery.

They have Uster tester-5, Uster HVI Spectrum, Uster AFIS PRO, Lee strength tester, Wrap reel, Twist tester, etc.


Weaving is a method of textile production in which two different sets of yarns are interlaced to form a fabric. MDL weave more than 4 million yards of denim per month using 100% cotton and blends in all weights from 4 ounces to 14 ounces.

Mahmud Denims weaving
Figure 3: Mahmud Denims Ltd. weaves 4 million yards of denim fabrics per month.

Mainly they produce different kind of stretches’, slub cross hatch, satin, print, coated and tensile variety. They have a total of three weaving floors where the number of air jet loom is 198 and 120 rapier loom.


Rope dyeing machine is the latest technology in the denim industry. Warp yarns are dyed in rope form in this machine at Mahmud Denims Ltd.

Mahmud Denims Ltd. dyeing unit
Figure 4: 96% RFT of Mahmud Denims Ltd. dyeing unit.

The rope dyeing machine is from the MASTER brand, Italy. Rope dyeing is considered to be the best possible indigo dyeing method for warp yarn as short dyeing time which increases the production. The company also have four slasher dyeing machine from Taiwan for organic and recycled yarn.

Average RFT is 96 percent of MDL. They also have two BENNINGER and KUSTERS DYE PAD woven fabric dyeing machine of 60,000 meters per day capacity.

Sustainable production

Engr. Md. Sirajul Islam, COO of Mahmud Group shared that, “We started our journey with only 400,000 yds production capacity, now we have reached to 4 million capacity monthly. We are committed to our customers by providing the best product, best quality, best service and on-time delivery. We also have a sustainable product line.”

Mahmud DenimsAIRO waterless finishing machine
Figure 5: Mahmud Denims Ltd. has sustainable production line (picture shows AIRO waterless finishing machine).

To maintain the quality of the product, they are using the state-of-the-art stenter machine. Considering environmental issues, MDL using green technology and machinery for sustainable products.

AIRO waterless finishing machine from BIANCALANI Italy is used to increase the softness properties of the fabric where no chemical and water are required, only steam and air are used.

This company is the country’s first JEANOLOGIA G-2 machine user for Ozon (waterless) finish. They also have JEANOLOGIA dynamic laser printer machine which can print on denim fabric without any color.

ETP plant

With the capacity of 200 cubic meters per hour, the world-class biological effluent treatment plant (ETP) has been installed at Mahmud Denims Ltd to treat the wastewater from dyeing or other processes. It reduces BOD, COD, TDS and Imhoff cone (sludge) from the water.

30 percent of treated wastewater are using for gardening and harvesting. They have the plan to reuse the water for production in the near future.

effluent treatment plant @ Mahmud Denim

On a regular basis, the different parameter is maintained and controlled by laboratory testing. Here shows some parameter and per assessment schedule:

BOD Per 5 days
TDS Daily
COD Daily
DO Meter Daily
PH Daily
TSS Daily
Imhoff Cone Daily

Certifications and awards

Mahmud Denims Ltd has been achieved different awards and certifications like ISO-14001:2015, OCS, RCS, GOTS certifications, FEDEX, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), LEED Gold, Control Union certification, Oeko-Tex for their contribution in sustainably, compliance, quality and others sector.

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