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MIDA organizes Batik Week 2021 to revitalizing the Malaysian batik industry

Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) successfully organized a Batik Week from 25 to 29 October 2021. The five-day virtual program with the theme mooted on “Revitalizing Malaysian Batik Industry”, designed to uplift the Malaysian Batik through embracing of new technology and developing green business models.

Figure 1: The five-day virtual program with the theme mooted on “Revitalizing Malaysian Batik Industry.”

Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) in collaboration with Malaysian Batik Association, Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia (PENYAYANG), Federation of Malaysian Fashion Textiles & Apparels (FMFTA), and Kraftangan Malaysia organized the batik event.


The Batik industry has contributed significantly to the Malaysian economy through the manufacturing activity of the textiles industry. Besides creating job opportunities to the locals, the industry plays a vital role in fostering the Malaysian heritage and culture as well as elevates the economic values within the ecosystem of other relative industries.

Figure 2: Khairuddin Rahim, Deputy CEO Investment Development Invest in Malaysia.

The Malaysian Government identifies the significance of the cottage industry as the national heritage and the nation’s pride, while the expertise of local craftsmen should be preserved and further enhanced.

MIDA believe, this virtual event has created some great potentials in exploring business experiences and best functioning practices within the cottage industry.

Malaysian batik sector leaders are optimistic that, the knowledge and information from this Batik Week program will help to understand the textile and apparel industry better.

Sector leaders opined that this program is a step in the right direction to transform the way of doing business and increase efficiency by adopting the latest technology in batik-making processes.

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