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Masco Group arranged a seminar ‘Steps Towards Sustainability’ to align their professionals with companies’ sustainability goals

Masco Group is always one step ahead of others to take any timely and good initiative for the betterment of the company, its peoples, society and as a whole for the country. Recently on 26th October 2021 Masco arranged a seminar ‘Steps Towards Sustainability’ to align their professionals with their sustainability goals at Masco Picasso Ltd. rooftop in a green and cozy environment.

Figure 1: Around 250+ officials of Masco Group were present at the seminar.

Masco Group Chairman M A Sabur welcomed all to the program when Ahmed Arif Billah- Managing Director; Farhana Akhter, Fahima Akhter Directors of Masco Group; ATM Mahbubul Alam Milton- Executive Director and around 250+ officials of Masco Group were present at the seminar.

Figure 2: Masco Group Chairman M A Sabur giving welcome speech.

Mahbubul Alam Milton given the key presentation and enlightened the attendees with his resourceful presentation. He described what sustainability is, why it’s important, how to be sustainable, how fashion industry polluting the environment and how Masco Group doing its sustainability practices aligning the SDG 2030 goals from three aspects- material, social and environmental sustainability.

Masco Group taken this initiative from 2016 and by this seminar Mahbubul Alam Milton shared what they have achieved, what were the challenges and the upcoming plans etc. in five main points-

  1. Why sustainability is important
  2. How buyers are aligned with sustainability and their expectations
  3. How sustainability is aligned with SDG Goals and impact on society
  4. Masco’s sustainability initiatives &
  5. Challenges to achieve sustainability goals and Masco’s future plan

“We are using 89% sustainable materials in our factories; for social sustainability, BSCI audited our factories and four got A grade and one got B grade for a small issue. A grade factory don’t need assessment for next two years,” Mahbubul Alam Milton said in his speech.

“We are also using chemicals from ZDHC Level 3 enlisted suppliers. Also we have many innovations in dyeing. This year from January to September we have saved 50mn liters of water which is really significant,” he added.

Figure 3: ATM Mahbubul Alam Milton, Executive Director, Masco Group giving key presentation.

“Similarly, we are purchasing all energy efficient equipment, installing solar panel, regular new innovative and sustainability initiatives in production and process, giving trainings to our peoples for capacity building to make innovation etc.”

“You will be happy to know that Masco Cotton Ltd. is in 7th position among H&M global 139 suppliers.”

“We are working on material, social and environmental sustainability complying necessary certifications and assessing bodies. But this is very difficult to really ensure sustainability by complying so much certification bodies and sometimes manufacturers are also confused what actually they should do to ensure sustainability. That’s why there should be one platform which will assess manufacturers through different parameters like Higg Index, ZDHC etc.,” Mahbubul Alam Milton emphasized.

To align the company with all queries, Masco introduced ‘Sustainability Clock’ and doing all sustainability initiatives under Sustainability Clock. Recently Masco formed a sustainability steering committee to achieve goals and already 14 CIP team (Continuous Improvement Plan) working in Masco’s different factories.

Mahbubul Alam Milton is the President of the sustainability steering committee. Other members of this committee are Md. Shahin Miah, Sr. GM – HRAC; Masum Biswas, GM – Finance; Nazmul Huda Ahmad, GM – HRAC; Iqbal Hossain Khan, GM – Maintenance; Sadrul Anam Mujkuri, GM – Printing; Hasan Ul Kaium, DGM – Maintenance; Rezaul Hasan, DGM – Fabrics; Md. Riazul Islam AGM – SCM; Shahnur Islam, AGM – OM; Suman Mir, Sr. Manager – SCM (S); Shahidul Islam, Sr. Manager – Compliance and Humayun Kabir Bangabashi, Manager – Environment.

Figure 4: Masco sustainability steering committee with ATM Mahbubul Alam Milton- Executive Director Chairman M A Sabur; Fahima Akhter and Farhana Akhter, Directors of Masco Group (from left to right front line).

Answering to a question, Mahbubul Alam Milton said to Textile Today, “It’s impossible to achieve sustainability goals in person or as a company if the people don’t understand, own the vision and works accordingly. That’s why we formed the steering committee and transferring the message from top to bottom in a chain. Today’s program objective also same.”

The program ended with a quiz and Q&A session and Md. Shahin Miah, Sr. GM – HRAC hosted the full program.

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