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MATI Industries Ltd launches “Protein Nest” project

MATI Industries Ltd. is a company duly incorporated under the company act 1994 and having its registered office at 28/6, section-12 Pallabi, Dhaka. Recently the company is performing a project called “Protein Nest” which basically focusing the proper balanced food dietary of RMG workers in Bangladesh.

The inauguration ceremony of “Protein Nest” was held on September 2021. Project Director Manjurul Ahsan Pavel and Md. Asraful Alam Miraz, Managing Director along with Tareq Amin CEO and founder of Textile Today were present at the inauguration ceremony.

Figure 1: Distinguished guests of project ‘Protein NEST’s the inauguration ceremony.

Bangladesh is a country where more than 4.4MM people are working in the RMG sector among them more than 60% of workers are women. Apart from their regular work in the factory, these women are performing many roles in their daily life which reduces their attention to individual health.

Normally they have very limited income which has been distributed in many areas, so normally the budget allocated for food is very less. Due to less attention to nutritious food, they face many health hazards throughout the year.

In general, they consume very basic carbohydrates, vegetables, and proteins but the missing of a proper balance of food and protein is remarkable.

Mainly awareness about the current retail market prices, sales process, food preservation, nutritious food is not helping the workers at the required level which leads to less interest in a properly balanced diet including protein intake.

Ultimately these workers are mainly women who suffer from many health problems resulting in malnutrition, ineffective working hours in factories, reduced job retention, giving birth to disabled children, and so on.

Figure 2: MATI Industries Ltd’s project “Protein NEST”.

To minimize these issues, MATI Industries Ltd have introduced a model called “Protein Nest.”

Where they have targeted these RMG women workers as well as male workers (including family) to facilitate them sufficient protein with another necessary food commodity in affordable quantity, price and with better-quality compare to the local market in the factory premises with the concept of fair price shop.

Figure 3: The modality of the project “Protein Nest”: Some key factors of the business models.

“Protein Nest” is driven by a vision of a society with equality where all the workers of different industries(initially focused on RMG) will have access to safe and nutritious(includes protein) food with affordable price and quantity which will improve their living standard in different parameters like health, income, etc.

To establish “Protein Nest” a contract between Factory and MATI will be signed to proceed further.

MATI Industries Ltd was established in 2020 with the aim of working in different inclusive business models which include food supply, health, education, gender equality, event management, improve the living condition of underprivileged people in the society, reduce inequality, etc. throughout the country.

Next project of MATI Industries Ltd will be called “স্বাবলম্বী” which basically focusing the building of entrepreneurship among the poor people at the same time ensuring healthy food for the family.  The moto is “building health by learning business”.

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