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Sustainable chemical products are always United Textile Services’s utmost priority

MD Elias Hossain, CEO, United Textile Services is a prominent name in Bangladesh textile industry. After completing his textile graduation, he has been serving the textile industry in various roles in leading companies. In 2008 – MD Elias Hossain initiated United Textile Services to serve the Bangladesh textile industry.

In this short span of time, United Textile Services has become one of the leading symbols of quality products in the textile industry. The company is one of the major importers, indenter for all kinds of textile auxiliaries and denim washing auxiliaries.

Figure: MD Elias Hossain, CEO, United Textile Services.

Recently, MD Elias Hossain, CEO, United Textile Services shared their holistic vision, unique selling proposition, innovative solutions, RSL-MRSL maintenance etc. with Textile Today.

Textile Today: Please share us the story of United Textile Services. What’s the current business status of United Textile Services?

MD Elias Hossain: We have been serving some leading textile chemical solution providing companies since 2008. Prior to starting the United Textile Services, I aspired to do something of my own to better serve the Bangladesh textile industry with top-notch chemical products. This is how United Textile Services started its journey. We provide all kinds of textile auxiliaries, and denim washing auxiliaries and finishing product solutions. We are really proud that our name has created its own unique identity in the market with our quality and services.

United Textile Services are partners with BT Biotex, SDN, BHD, (France/Malaysia based producer).

BT Biotex is a key leader in innovation, sustainability, and collaboration, especially high-tech textile auxiliary and finishing chemicals.

United Textile Services is also providing high concentrated pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing auxiliaries as well as many more finishing chemicals like water and oil repellency, flame retardant, mosquito finishing agent, anti-microbial and anti-odor finishing agent, etc.

Textile Today: What’s your products’ unique selling proposition (USP) and how do you ensure global standard of quality services?

MD Elias Hossain: BT Biotex is our mother principal, and it is a well reputed company in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Europe as well. Here is the secret of United Textile Services success in such short period of time – that both of their product quality, services and support are unparalleled. We are really proud and satisfied with them.

Mainly, high-tech textile auxiliary, high-concentrated auxiliary chemicals and special finishing agents are our main focused products.

All in all, we focus on environment friendly products. As sustainability is one of the most uttered buzzword in the textile industry. From the aspect of social responsibility – as a chemical entrepreneur – sustainable chemical products are always United Textile Services utmost priority.

Textile Today: What are the innovative solutions you offering for the textile and apparel industry? How can these products ensure ecofriendly and cost-effective production?

MD Elias Hossain: United Textile Services, since its inception, had the goal to set a benchmark in the surfactant sector of Bangladesh. We have integrated creativity and innovation in our operations to serve as a catalyst in the Bangladesh textile industry.

We are doing several innovative product ranges – for instance – in the wetting detergent, we use minimal amount of caustic soda (Sodium hydroxide) which dramatically reduces the load in ETP’s. We have also developed eco-friendly green acids hydrose substitutes and many more unique items which will ultimately save the usage of water, energy, time and cost as well by satisfactory results. Our R&D team is constantly working to bring innovative textile chemical products with the aim to ensure sustainability.

Most importantly all of our products are BLUESIGN, ZDHC, REACH, GOTS Certified and also some certifications from other organizations as well.

Textile Today: How do your products help Bangladeshi textile and apparel manufacturers to create market for them in different segments?

MD Elias Hossain: As I mentioned above, we bring innovative solutions as per the manufacturers’ needs. We regularly take their feedback to deeply comprehend their requirement and work accordingly.

Textile Today: How is United Textile Services working to maintain MRSL and RSL? What is the current scenario of MRSL and RSL maintenance in Bangladeshi garment industries?

MD Elias Hossain: Yes, in Bangladesh’s textile industry, maintaining MRSL and RSL is a top priority. We are happy to share that 40 to 45 of our chemical products are ZDHC level 3 certified and complied with MRSL and RSL. United Textile Services gives its 100% effort to provide products according to buyers’ and customers demands.

United Textile Services-BT Biotex

Textile Today: The cost of raw materials – including chemicals – and global freight rates has increased. How are you dealing with these issues?

MD Elias Hossain: The cost of raw materials – including chemicals – and global freight rates has multiplied by manifolds. Which is severely impacting not only us – but the whole fashion industry. We are barely surviving by minimizing our profit margin.

Textile Today: Do you have any future plan of making a chemical manufacturing hub here?

MD Elias Hossain: As Bangladesh is one of the biggest textile industries, so, it is certainly alluring to establish a local manufacturing hub. Besides, our inspiration is that a local chemical manufacturing hub will create bigger job opportunities for the textile engineers and other professionals related to Textile Industry. So, in future this will certainly be part of our expansion plan.

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