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Mingjing Lin sees a great future in 3D printed textiles

Mingjing Lin is a doctoral researcher in textiles and fashion at the world’s leading art and design research university Royal College of Art in London. Her research focused on 3D-printed textiles for fashion design.

Figure: Mingjing showed us the basics of traditional Qipao construction. Credit: Shane Chan and Ignacio Tovar for 3DPI
Figure: Mingjing showed us the basics of traditional Qipao construction. Credit: Shane Chan and Ignacio Tovar for 3DPI

In her recent collaboration with Prof. Yingjun Li, the team developed a modern interpretation of a traditional Chinese dress, the Qipao. The collaboration, called Interfashionailty, mixed both traditional dressmaking techniques with additive manufacturing.

Lin previously lectured in ENSAIT, France, also presented at various occasions worldwide including Oxford University, Imperial College, Royal College of Art, iMakr, the University of New South Wales in Australia, Central Academy of Fine Arts in China and China University of Geosciences, and her unique creations have been exhibited all over the world, since 2011.

In this project, they discussed the dialogues between the East and the West, modern and tradition, digital technology, heritage, and craftsmanship. The project was presented as a physical performance and an exhibition at the RCA, after then it was displayed in China, Spain, and France.

In 2017, Lin worked on a project named Fold-the-Interfashionality, featuring Jīngjù performance, a type of Chinese opera, and displaying 3D-printed pleated costume.

In collaboration with Tsai-Chuan Huang, their project investigated the cultural and spatial relationships of parametrical design, 3D printed textile and the human body.

As a designer and a researcher, she involved EU-award-winner WISP sensual Jewellery in 2017 (Wear Sustain Program). Moreover, MingjingLin, acted as a wearable consultant for VIGOR INNOTECH since 2016, co-founder of the 3W studio since 2016, and the founder of non-profit platform ABOUNDARY and Far Eastern Study Group at the RCA since 2014.

Mingjing Lin has also a long history with the design and creation of innovative 3D printed textile, with focus on exploring their possibilities for the advancement of wearable technology as well as the evolution of smart textiles, in beautiful combinations which are often pushing the boundaries of art, design, and technology.

With the valuable experiences of working with tech companies, material scientists and avant-garde designers, Mingjing Lin extensive work tends to cover both commercial and academic aspects in smart textiles, for a more innovative fashion landscape.

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