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Modi promotes’ Make in India’ scheme in New York

Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi in his maiden visit to United States as the Prime Minister of India touted his government’s ambitious plan of “Make in India.” Make in India will support and grow the textile industry and world trade between India and other countries. Good governance and low cost of manufacturing are the keys to attract investments in India, said Modi.

Speaking in New York’s Madison Square Garden to an audience of about 20,000 people, Prime Minister Modi informed that India’s three main advantages such as its vibrant democracy, demographic dividend and demand for goods will make India a preferred destination for manufacturing and trade. Dressed in a designer clothing of pyjama and orange kurta, Prime Minister Modi enthralled the audience and kept them alive throughout his one hour and eighteen minutes extemporaneous speech.

The central message of Prime Minister’s speech was his development agenda supported by science and technology and involving people movement. Certainly, India with a population of 1.25 billion provides ample opportunities for people in manufacturing sectors such as textiles, service and business sectors.

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