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Sustainability is the utmost priority

The global pandemic has disrupted the global supply chain. Denim industry has faced many challenges due to rising raw material prices and upcoming inflation. However, Bangladesh’s denim exports are increasing focusing on the US and EU markets. Pioneer Denim has showcased its products in the Denim Expo 2022. Sustainability was the utmost priority for the Pioneer Denim which is about environmental water-saving, less CO2 emission, and less usage of harmful chemicals.

Mohiuddin Ahmed, Director of Pioneer Denim talked with Textile Today. A glimpse of the discussion are put here.

Mohiuddin Ahmed, Director of Pioneer Denim

Textile Today: What kind of innovation is Pioneer Denim offering in this exhibition?

Mohiuddin Ahmed: Pioneer Denim brings Kashmir denim, certified from Cradle to Cradle Gold Level denim. Kashmir denim is still a big challenge but the Pioneer Denim can achieve it.

Textile Today: What are the future demands for the denim industry?

Mohiuddin Ahmed: We see recycled denim as the future. Consumers are now more conscious about using sustainable products. Both the woven and knit industries are focusing on recycled denim.

Textile Today: How do you evaluate the backward linkage’s support in the denim industry?

Mohiuddin Ahmed: Our backward linkage is increasing but there is a lead time issue that will come in the future. Although backward linkages are well-equipped in order to support. The backward industry is now able to innovate and deliver faster. The backward industry is seeing business growth and the vertical integration which is helping many suppliers with faster lead times.

Textile Today: What are the future plans of Pioneer Denim?

Mohiuddin Ahmed: Pioneer Denim is working on sustainable recycling of fiber, water recycling, and terms of C2C (Cradle to Cradle) certification, which we are fully emphasizing. C2C systems score brands for their commitment to the circular economy and can trace entire production from fiber to fabric.

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