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Monforts offers digitized environmental solutions for textile manufacturers

Monforts has been founded in the year 1884 and their evolution in textile engineering and machine building has progressed from mechanical, steam and water-powered technologies to the first mass production lines, electronic drives and highly modular machines such as stenters.

In the real sense, profit-making is a big challenge for the textile manufacturers, they are ultimately fighting for saving production cost in every stage of the production. This can result in a reluctance to invest in new textile machinery, but manufacturers really need to explore what additional value the latest technologies can deliver.

Matex Eco Applicator
Figure 1: The Matex Eco Applicator.

On the other hand, textile industry consumes huge amounts of energy and resources at virtually all stages of production, but especially during finishing, where large volumes of water, chemicals, and thermal energy are required. A significant portion of these resources, however, can be wasted without precise feeding, monitoring, and control.

The optimized handling of thermal energy, in particular, is currently a major concern in the textile industry and which offers a great deal of potential.

The latest Monforts technologies for enabling resource savings include:

  • The Matex Eco Applicator, as an alternative to padding, for minimum liquor application, especially for wet-in-wet solutions with liquid and energy savings of up to 40%.
  • The Monfortex Eco Line shrinkage solution provides similar energy savings of up to 40% in comparison to traditional padder/cylinder dryer solutions.
  • A basic solution for the introduction of two-way super stretch into denim carried out in a single processing step.

In addition, the consolidation of the Monforts Qual itex 800 digital solution with the latest mechanical solution such as the Eco Applicator or Eco Line can be the basis for the efficient implementation of a range providing higher productivity and efficiency.

The Qualitex 800 offers the operator more reliability, quicker access, and therefore more benefit. The easy operation by use of the latest slider and dashboard functions with individual adaption to the operating states assures faster access to comprehensive recipe data and therefore enhanced machineability.

Qualitex 800
Figure 2: The Qualitex 800 offers the operator more reliability and quicker access.

The significant opportunities arising from Textile 4.0 and the Internet of Things require elevated investments, with intranet and internet being the most important tools in the future of efficient corporate management. The main sources of the benefits in respect of productivity, efficiency, and availability have yet to be defined between supplier and producer.

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