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Montrims signs with Textile Today Innovation Hub to demonstrate an affirmation of innovations in trims and packaging sector

World’s top trims and packaging company tie-up with Textile Today as ‘Textile Today Platinum Associates’ to revolutionize the sector

Sayed Abdullah

One of the top innovative trims and packaging companies – Montrims Ltd. recently tied-up with Textile Today Innovation Hub as a ‘Textile Today Platinum Associates’ to demonstrate its affirmation of innovations and aims to revolutionize the trims and packaging industry.

Montrims-signs-Textile Today Innovation Hub
Figure 1: Asadur Rahman Sikder, Director, Montrims Ltd. and Tareq Amin, Founder & CEO, Textile Today signing the agreement.

Recently Asadur Rahman Sikder, Director, Montrims Ltd. and Tareq Amin, Founder & CEO, Textile Today signed an agreement on behalf of the respective companies.

With its global footprints – Montrims Ltd. serves as one of the most reliable trims and packaging partners to global retailers and brands.

Aminul Haque CEO, Montrims Ltd. “Global footprint is the ultimate way to go – and we are going to establish our own brand in the UK market. We already have a well-functioning setup in Vietnam – so, we are expanding into the USA market. This global footprint gave Montrims a real edge. As and when we produce our products for top brands, we understand each and every brands consistency and produce every product keeping that in mind – which gives us real superiority worldwide.”

“As a true brand enabler, we add a mentionable value to a product. A consumer looks at the packaging first before even touching the garment or any product.”

Aminul Haque said, “Montrims is working with the world’s top brands as an innovation enabler, as well as, we are an ornament provider of many industries through trims and packaging. It could be clearly claimed that Montrims is the industry leader – and rightly so, due to our unparalleled leadership in this sector.”

“Montrims has an investment of more than BDT 15 billion. It is equipped with the world’s top machinery. And we are an industrial manufacturer and have around 1500 state-of-the-art machine setups.”

Tareq Amin, Founder & CEO, Textile Today said, “This tie-up between Montrims and Textile Today will create a much more comprehensive impact globally – as Montrims is a champion in innovation and quality – while Textile Today Innovation Hub is synonymous with innovation maker and implementer in textile and apparel industry.”

Figure 2: Montrims Ltd. and Textile Today team at the event.

Md. Eousup Novee Bablu, GM-Innovation & Strategy said, “Ultimately, a value-addition makes the real value for pricing. To make a real change through innovation and value-addition, Trims and Packaging is the heart of the market for all aspiring industries. It can enormously add value to the textile and apparel, as well as, all other products.”

“We say that innovativeness is the new competitiveness in the textile and apparel industry. And Textile Today Innovation Hub jointly with Montrims will act as an innovation enabler in the trims and packaging – and by extension, the accessories industry. This tie-up can establish Montrims as a separate industry in the global arena. Montrims Ltd., in particular, has long been functioning globally and in Bangladesh in an innovative way.”

“Being an Innovation Hub – Textile Today has been continuously working with innovative solution-providing companies. And Montrims Ltd. is one of the most innovative global companies – we are excited to work with Montrims Ltd. Together, we can bring a real change in the trims and packaging industry – in a more innovative way. Most importantly, in Bangladesh, one of the main challenges in the trims and packaging industry is that it lags in value-addition in general. Whereas, Montrims Ltd. is a champion in this sector. Thus, this collaboration will certainly inspire other players to come up and be more innovative to bring real change. Here Montrims Ltd. and Textile Today can jointly overcome the challenges,” Md. Eousup Novee concluded.

At the signing ceremony, Kazi Rumiz Hossain, General Manager-Supply Chain, Montrims Ltd.; Amzad Hossain Monir, Head of Sales; Sayed Abdullah, Asst. Manager, Textile Today were also present at the event.

This partnership between Textile Today Innovation Hub and Montrims will expand to a larger scale in the trims and packaging – and by extension, the accessories industry. And especially, through this collaboration, the textile and apparel industry will be able to generate more value-addition.

Textile Today is acting as an innovation hub’, which regularly supports, facilitates, innovates, and enhances factories, suppliers, professionals, apprentices, etc. The ‘Innovation Hub’ works effectively to enable partners as an innovation-driven business with the platform’s knowledge, communication, and networking leverage on the market.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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