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Natural Denim story of developing outstanding products and processes

Garment washing technology is applied to add prestigious outlook, appearance, ease and design of garments. It is the sector where innovation and creativity is a must and a washed product could bring 100 times more profit than a non-washed product. Bangladesh Garments Washing Technologist Federation (BGWTF) was established in 2009 to drive the innovation of Bangladesh garments washing industry.  Every year BGWTF organizes a washing development competition and this year more than 70 washing industries participated in the competition. Natural Denim’s Wash & Wear crowned as champion of the competition.

Engr. Mahasinuzzaman Shishir, Assistant General Manager of Natural Denim (Wash & Wear Ltd), General Sectary, BGWTF gave an interview with Textile Today and this report is made based on that interview. The report focused on the strategies and plans behind doing innovative products and process in a Bangladesh laundry.

Engr. Mahasinuzzaman Shishir
Figure1: Engr. Mahasinuzzaman Shishir.

Product Development Criteria

BGWTF sets below criteria to develop the product-

  1. May Day theme
  2. Outlook
  3. Value addition
  4. Process cost
  5. Production friendly
  6. Quality


The product is developed based on the theme of the May Day. Item surface looks like a vintage wash, however, it will get your attention for its outstanding modern development. A towel bleach wash is applied after that whiskering, destroying, grinding and tagging embedded for stunning aesthetic. Slogans, symbols, and logos of the Mayday printed on woven fabric are attached with gum, it captivated with zigzag sewing. The splash effect enhanced the outlook. Finally, micro silicon finish allows excellent handling and comfortability.

Natural Denim has won 1st prize of BGWTF product development award
Figure 2: Recently Natural Denim has won 1st prize of BGWTF product development award.

Natural Group

Natural Group started its journey in 2004. The Group has its two sister concern, Natural Denims Ltd., and Natural Sweater Village Ltd. Natural Woven Division running with 4 production units named, Natural Denims Ltd., Natural Apparels Ltd., Natural Washing Plant Ltd., and Natural Wash & Wear Ltd. The factory employed more than 8000 people.

Natural Denim manufacture both twill and jeans item like Jeans Pant, Jackets, Twill Pants, Shorts, Kids item etc. for some of the world-famous brands like H&M, ZARA, MANGO, K Mart, Pull & Bear, DEBENHAMS, S Oliver, OVS, KappaAhi etc.

Washing plant                               

The natural group has two washing unit, Natural Washing Plant Ltd., and Natural Wash & Wear Ltd. Plants are fully occupied with both mechanical and modern machines. At unit -1, it has eight conventional and twelve modern front rolling machines. At unit -2, is has 20 modern machines like Tonello 420 LD2 machine with Nano-bubble technology.

“Nano-bubble technology allows to wash garments with minimum water and chemical consumption, it also extends wash bath lifetime, enables washing at lower temperatures,” Mr. Mahasinuzzaman Shishir told.

Modern technology used at Natural Denim, Wash and Wear Ltd.
Figure 3: Modern technology used at Natural Denim, Wash and Wear Ltd.

The factory using leaser fading system by Jeanologia, a Spanish leaser technology manufacturer for denim finishing. “Laser technology is capable to enhance productivity, reduce water and energy consumption and diminish damaging emissions and waste, guaranteeing ZERO contamination, which allows sustainable eco- friendly denim production,” Mahasinuzzaman Shishir added.

Its laboratory is self-sufficient for all kinds of testing. The lab has H&M nominated level three ranked laboratory.

Laser Technology is used at Natural Denim Ltd.
Figure 4: Laser Technology is used at Natural Denim Ltd.

Research and innovation

Natural denim believes in innovation, its R&D lab is well established with 16 dedicated small to medium machines. It is not only set recipe for bulk production but it also develops their own designed denim garments.

Product development studio at Natural Denim
Figure 5: Product development studio at Natural Denim.

“Our team is extensively focused on our own design and development, we present our factory developed product to the buyers, many of our designed product was chosen by buyers for production,” Engr. Shishir explained.


The factory set a target to become sustainable of all three aspects of it. Already it has begun to use sustainable technology for denim washing and creating aesthetic appearance; it allows environment-friendly production and leads to zero hazardous solutions. It already has 100 cubic meter recyclable ETP plant and another 200 cubic meters of fully recyclable ETP is under construction.

“Denim Garments washing consumes approximately 250 liters of water for 1 kg of garments in its process chain, though Bangladesh has an abundance of water but discharging hazardous chemicals pollutes water body and each year water layer of Dhaka went 2-3 foot down. Therefore we are trying to consume less water in our process,” he told.

Efficient manpower is the key to reduce the cost of production, that’s why the factory arranges training, seminars, and workshop for technology know-how, chemical management and occupational safety at its factory premises.

The factory allows trade union for collective bargaining. Provides decent wages and bonus for all employees and workers. It has separate child care center for employees. Provides 24 hours medical facility and fast aid support.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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