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Nature or Essence of the Soul of Sustainability

living life with SEAGRASS:

clip_image002_0000clip_image004_0000Seagrasses are flowering plants from one of four plant families (Posidoniaceae, Zosteraceae, Hydrocharitaceae, or Cymodoceaceae), all in the order Alismatales (in the class of monocotyledons), which grow in marine, fully-saline environments. The beds are found in the shallow coastal waters of every sea in the world.   There are approximately 60 known species of seagrass in the world. Sea grass, the perennial grass of saltwater marshes, is stain-resistant and features a slight natural sheen. These natural fibers speak to our environmental and practical instincts, and now they’re taking shape aesthetically. All adapt beautifully to almost any surrounding. These materials are a beautiful contrast to modern interiors, while at the same time they help soften the edges.

clip_image006clip_image008Seagrass fibres are an important component of clothing, upholstery, and many other textiles. These fibre industries generate employment opportunities for millions of people and contribute to a greener planet. These fibre are environmentally friendly both in terms of production, and disposal. Therefore, promoting the use of natural fibres will also enhance the environment. It helps us to attain a sustainable way of living. The average annual production of natural fibres; globally is estimated to be around 30 million tones.

 Seagrass Fiber characteristics:

clip_image010Seagrass is a hard wearing fiber which is even being grown in Chinese paddy fields also. Its natural colorings, green, beige and brown are dependent on when the seagrass has been harvested. The resulting fibre is water and stain resistant, although it is difficult to dye.

Seagrass has a surface that is impermeable to water because of its inherent smooth texture. tough and rigid, seagrass is one of the most durable natural fibers. Colors range from sage green hues to olive-like shades. Fibers create interesting surfaces; the sort of having a life of their own.

Yarn & Moisture characteristics :

Seagrass is harvested by hand, thrive in wet environments, dried and spun into yarn by simple manually operated machines. The yarn is woven into matting using power looms. Matting can be used as wall to wall floor coverings or made into rugs with attractive borders, giving a natural feel to your holiday homes, dining or living rooms.

clip_image012clip_image014Seagrass is a natural product and it is possible that if laid in areas of high humidity or dampness mould or mildew can form on the fibre. Normally this can be brushed off when it is dry. In exceptional cases the mould or mildew can be treated with a weak solution of bleach or a sterilizing fluid such as Milton. If the dampness persists then it is possible that mould and mildew will reappear.


Seagrass is a hard impermeable fiber which is not possible to dye by conventional techniques so that most products are supplied in the natural colored state or with the addition of a coloured yarn such as sisal.

Tough and hardwearing, seagrass is collected from a tall plant having grass-like stems that thrive in wet lands. The distinctive features of this plant are its grassy appearance, hay-like scent and coloring, which dissipate over a certain period.

clip_image002SAMPLE:  01

Seagrass fabrics, wallpaper cloth & paper:

clip_image016It has striking architectural designs in pillows and lighting made of tight, hand-woven and soft-feeling sea grass. Unlike some other woven products such as Bamboo and wicker that are hard, sea grass has this soft, bendable quality which is also easy to mix with antiques as well as modern interiors because of a pared-down, clean look. They’re sleeker than the heavy, lacquered pieces that we were used to seeing come out of this environment

clip_image018clip_image020clip_image022Natural grass is a good eco wallpaper alternative. Typically handmade, grasscloth wallpaper is made from woven seagrasses. The appearance is warm with a textured weave ranging from fine to chunky. This type of textured wallpaper is suitable for covering walls that have imperfections as the textured surface covers most minor defects. Avoid synthetic imitation glass cloth wallpaper which is made with plastic.

clip_image024clip_image026clip_image028The amount of embodied energy created through transportation and distribution of these materials must be considered. Natural glass cloths are sustainable and renewable resources which are harvested either biyearly or yearly and typically backed with recycled paper. (1)

 Products & its uses :

clip_image030clip_image032Pacific twisted Seagrass hats, Bedroom table lamp, Home décor, Dining room set, Seagrass Matting 80x120cm, Dining, Tablemats & Coaster Sets, Inn , Natural area Rugs, Pottery Nursery storage, Wicker,  Seagrass Sandal etc.

clip_image034Seagrass plants are fast-growing perennials that thrive in wet environments. The carpets and rugs are made from the resilient, flexible stems of seagrass plants. Seagrass is known for retaining its fresh, grassy scent long after it has left the field, but this will dissipate in time. When seagrass is woven into a carpet, the result is a highly spill-resistant, durable, resilient floor covering that is comfortable underfoot and retains the fresh look of the outdoors.

clip_image036Seagrass area rugs have a non-porous surface that gives it a naturally smooth texture and sheen quality. They are ideal for high traffic areas as they are extremely easy to clean and they do not absorb much dirt. A good shake once a week will do the trick.

Seagrass floor coverings are naturally stain resistant, anti-static and hard wearing and can be used in most domestic locations and some light contract areas. However, in areas of heavy foot traffic or where castor chairs are used, the use of loose laid mats or protective pads for added protection is recommended.

clip_image038clip_image040Knitting enthusiasts and crafters will find it to be a unique carryall for any project. Shoppers will see it as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic shopping bags, lightweight yet strong and durable. Stylish and functional says that Seagrass basket is also a wonderful home décor accessory.

The uses of the Seagrass are unlimited of our imagination


Color Use: Lime, sea green, green, light green, black, silver & violet

Yarn : Hand dyed sock yarn in sea grass & satin sea grass

Sample Description :

Sea grass on the body (basic ).Halophila decipiens (HD), Halophila spinulosa (HS), Cymodocea rotundata (CR) &Halodule pinifolia (HP)  are used in body


Sample 1.1
Color Use: Tan (light),lime, sea green, light green

           Stitch Formation: Sea grass checkerboard
            Extra Elements: Sea grass  flower shape as body sleeve, Enhalus acoroides (EA) shape as skirt
Sample 1.2    
            Color Use: Lime, sea green, green, light green
            Stitch Formation: Sea grass checkerboard

            Extra Elements: Feather


clip_image0061Seagrasses are sometimes labeled ecosystem engineers, because they partly create their own habitat: the leaves slow down water-currents increasing sedimentation, and the seagrass roots and rhizomes stabilize the seabed. Their importance for associated species is mainly due to provision of shelter (through their  are three-dimensional structure in the water column), and for their extraordinarily high rate of primary production. As a result, seagrasses provide coastal zones with a number of ecosystem goods and ecosystem services, for instance fishing grounds, wave protection, oxygen production and protection against coastal erosion. Sea-grass meadows account for 15% of the ocean’s total carbon storage. The ocean currently absorbs 25% of global carbon emissions.

Sea grass meadows sequester 33 grams of carbon per square metre oer year, equivalent to the CO2 emissions from an automobile traveling 2,500 kilometres.One square metre of seagrass can produce up to 10 litres of oxizen per day. (2)

We decorate with this environmentally friendly products like for example instead of buying plastic bags, we prefer to buy the green bags. At home rugs can be a great way of dealing with the global warming, seagrass rugs is a very good floor covering that is environment friendly and its materials are all natural and a versatile handmade area rugs that can withstand all the high traffic areas of our home. We have a lot more to do to prevent global warming, and let’s start it in our own home; each individual can bring an important help adopting a more responsible lifestyle by starting from little, everyday things. Let us all be responsible in saving our planet with nature with seagrass.


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3). Structure and properties of fibres from sea grass (Zostera marina),P. Davies Æ C. Morvan Æ O. Sire Æ C. Baley ,   Received: 18 April2006

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