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Netherlands to help boost Morocco’s textiles sector

The Moroccan Textile Manufacturers Association (AMITH) recently signed an agreement with the Dutch Import Promotion Agency (CBI) from developing countries in Casablanca.

For Promoting Imports from Developing Countries (CBI) to support 35 textile businesses in Morocco and help them expand operations in central and northern Europe, called ‘CBI-Morocco Apparel & Textile Programme’.

Morocco’s textiles sector
Figure: The textile sector is of strategic importance to Morocco’s efforts to emerge as an industrial and exporting hub.

Besides that, the 35 businesses chosen will go through a severe application process based on expertise and their corporate social responsibility.

Clothing and textile are the primary importing sector in Morocco. Textile and clothing exports make up 15 percent of Morocco’s industrial GDP.

The textile sector is of strategic importance to Morocco’s efforts to emerge as an industrial and exporting hub.

Program head Juliette Van Iperen said, “With the network between Moroccan textile suppliers and European textile retailers, the former will be assisted to gradually increase their presence in European markets by raising imports over five years.”

While Spain and France remain Morocco’s major trading partners, the North African country is now redirecting its marketing efforts worldwide, attracting investments and cultivating partnerships with major actors in the automobile and aeronautical sector established in Morocco.

The country is making intensive efforts to become a continental leader and a gateway to African markets.

In addition to its marketing efforts, Morocco has established in recent years major industrial zones and enacted major infrastructure projects to enhance the attractiveness of the country as an investment destination.

Several brands from the European Union, the UK, and the US have been sealing deals with Moroccan companies in the textile industry.


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