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A new generation of 3-layer high pile: lighter, thinner, and warmer

Single Knit Double Face Loop High Pile Shearing Circular Knitting Machine (KDPS/D-HP)

A Better 3-Layer High Pile

Winter sport enthusiasts — or anyone who lives in cold climates — have been undeniably grateful for the layer of soft and warm high pile fabric embedded within their winter clothing. However, garments made using high pile can sometimes be uncomfortably bulky to the point of restricting users’ movements, as each layer needs to be laminated in order to avoid pilling.

PAILUNG Circular Knitting Machine PL-KDPSD-HP

PL-KDPSD-HP is a state-of-the-art knitting technology that offers all the softness and warmth of previous fabrics, without the lamination — simultaneously knitting spacer, thermal high-pile and the outer performance layer into a single fabric. The result? Lighter weight and more insulating winter apparel that gives wearers full range of movement.

Why Choose PL-KDPSD-HP

3-layer structure in a single step

KDPSD-HP knits single jersey

PL-KDPSD-HP knits single jersey, spacer, and high-pile fabric into a single structure, creating a 3-in-1 fabric, a much less labor-intensive alternative than traditional processes that require at least one lamination step and 2 knitting procedures to knit a multi-function fabric. In doing so, PL-KDPSD-HP reduces multi-function fabric production time by 60%.

Thinner, lighter, warmer

Previously, insulating garments were created by laminating high-pile fabrics, a thick middle layer and a waterproof or wind-resistant outer layer for optimal performance. However, this production method tends to create garments that are uncomfortable bulky and restrict users’ range of motion. In contrast, PL-KDPSD-HP is equipped with a spacer middle layer for much better insulation — the spacer, with thickness ranging from 1-4 mm, both reduces the overall weight and also offers enhanced comfort and flexibility.

Circular Knitting Machine PL-KDPSD-HP

User-friendly interface

Computer-aided design (CAD) can be unnecessarily complicated to use and set up, sometimes requiring the help of a professional engineer. However, KDPS/D-HP uses an optimized user interface, allowing even untrained designers to easily connect the program to the machine and manipulate and design patterns.

Product Range

Gauge Diameter Feeder Number
18G-dial ; 9G-cylinder 22G-dial ; 11G-cylinder 24G-dial ; 12G-cylinder 26G-dial ; 13G-cylinder 28G-dial ; 14G-cylinder


26″ 28″ 30″ 32″ 34″ 36″


42F-44 seg.

44F-46 seg.

48F-50 seg.

52F-54 seg.

54F-56 seg

56F-58 seg.


* This information is for reference only. Actual results vary based on real scenarios, including materials used and production conditions


2640(L) x 2280(W) x 2170(H) mm

Net Weight

3870 kg


Gauge Feeders Speed Factor


54F in total, (18 courses/round)

Spacer (12 course/round)





Standard Options
Control • Integrated LCD touch control panel

• Full info and control present

• Ready for POMS with TCP-IP interface

• Ready for decotex

Power • 380V, 50/60 Hz

• 5.5 Kw/7.5 Hp, 7.3 Kw/10 Hp

• Inverter power control

• 220 V, 50/60 Hz

• 415~460 V, 50/60 Hz

Take-Up • Pailung mechanical take-up system

• Standard fabric roll diameter 17”

• Cardratex fabric spreader

• Motor take-up system

• Folding or rolling take-up system

• Yung Leader mechanical take-up system

• Pailung mid high-leg mechanical take-up system (fabric roll diameter 36”)

• Pailung high-leg mechanical take-up system (fabric roll diameter 45″)

Needle • 3 track needles in dial

• 3 track each for shearing needles, pile needles and  sinker needles in cylinder

• Spare needle as request
Conversion • Cylinder for different gauges, kits for conversing to spacer and/or double piles
Cam • 3 track cam in dial/ 6 track cam in cylinder

• Bolt-fixed cam design

• Airtight cam design

• Spare cam as request
Yarn Storage • Positive yarn storage MPF-20L1 x 78 (pile 12 x 2 +  ground 12 x 1 + back yarn 12 x 1 + front yarn 24 x 1 + MONO 6 x 1)

• Yarn storage ring x 2 unit + preparation iron ring x 1 set

• Positive feeder MPF-20P1/ EO Knit

• Other brand feeders as request

Frame • Pailung K frame

• Oil-based 4-wire bearing system

• Count-clockwise direction

Yarn Carrier • Ceramic dual-hole carrier
Oiler • Pailung misty oiler • Pulsonic 5.2 pressure oiler
Creels • B8/B9 type combi creels • D8/D9 type PVC or aluminum tube creels

• Overhead creels

• Anti-dust fan type creels

• Close filter type creels

Detector, System, and Others • Needle detection

• Light on frame & fabrics

• Top fan system

• Dial height & horizontal level gauge

• Min. compressed air: 6 bar, 250 liter/min.

• Individual electronic air-driven yarn-switch system

• Central stitch adjusting device

• Shengsong middle anti-dust device

• Integrated LCD control system

• POMS online monitoring system

• Decotex yarn length measurement

• Uniwave middle anti-dust device

• Electronic adjusting device: central stitch & timing

• Electronic belt-driven control device: servo motor driven MRA for 3/4/5 axis, TE for 3/4/5/6 axis


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