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New head of Textile Technology at USTER

Oswald Baldischwieler will start his new position as head of the Textile Technology department and member of the Executive Committee in April

Baldischwieler is an experienced textile technologist and manager. His entire career has been dedicated to the development and promotion of the textile industry, in a number of senior roles. After working as Mill Manager for the German textile producer Lauffenmühle and as Technical Director and Chief Operating Officer at spinning mill Hermann Bühler, Baldischwieler joined Uster Technologies in 2017, says a recent press release.

Figure: Textile industry expert Oswald Baldischwieler will focus on value-added services for customers.

As Product Manager for In-line Process Control, he has been responsible for a large part of the USTER portfolio. “The past three years have been a great opportunity for me to get to know Uster Technologies as a company, to become familiar with the systems and solutions and to appreciate the immense know-how and service capacities,” Baldischwieler says.

Customer services and support

For USTER, value-added services are a fundamental part of the company philosophy: “The job is not complete just by developing great innovative products. We need to make sure that our customers learn how to use them effectively and efficiently every day,” he says.

Uster Technologies offers a wide range of textile services and support to its customers and partners. These include the USTER® STATISTICS global benchmarks, laboratory testing services, and textile training and consulting programs. A worldwide team of more than 50 textile technologists, together with more than 200 service engineers, is taking care of 4,500 customers in 75 countries – working at customer sites or in USTER laboratories – conducting training, carrying out tests and providing application know-how.

“For USTER, it is a great pleasure and a unique opportunity, to work together with someone as experienced as Oswald Baldischwieler as Head of Textile Technology,” says Thomas Nasiou, Chief Executive Officer of Uster Technologies. “Our Textile Technology is a core element of USTER – it is where all our textile know-how comes from and where our customers receive the special support they appreciate.”

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