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NEXIA gets outstanding response from brands and manufacturers at ITMA

Nexia Srl is a company manufacturing washing and dyeing machines having the main focus on the new latest generation, innovative sustainable laundry solutions.

NEXIA at ITMA 2019

NEXIA had an outstanding response from garments manufacturers and brands from around the world including leading and visionary manufacturers-entrepreneurs from Bangladesh at ITMA-2019 in Barcelona. Because of Nexia’s most innovative and sustainable features along with top-end uncompromising build quality of the machines.

Nexia got a positive response from important brands such as American Eagle, Levi’s, Hugo Boss, Polo Ralph Lauren just to name some.

In this aspect, Nexia was the first company to study and invent a ‘Pumice Stone Free’ stone washing system named ‘NEXSTONE’.

NEXSTONE system is a patented system by Nexia and it allows the user to achieve the same or better stone wash effects without using a pumice stone. This means less water consumption, less washing cycle time, less energy and no sludge = no water waste treatment!

Other sustainable washing systems one can add to Nexia machines, available as optional are:

  • Ndrop system – for washing and dyeing purposes
  • Jet system – for dyeing purposes

In NDROP system one can achieve a better and more homogeneous distribution of the products used in the washing process.

Sprayed in the inner drum such as Enzymes – Acids – Resins – Chlorine, etc. with less:

-60% of water consumption

-50% of chemicals consumption

-80% of steam consumption

JET system instead allows users to achieve a homogeneous distribution of the dye products used with less:

-60% of water consumption

-40% of chemicals consumption

-60% of steam consumption

All Nexia sustainable systems are suitable for NEXIA washing and dyeing machines. These are just some examples of the advantages you can achieve with Nexia machines.

NEXIA has also a range a sustainable laser machine which gives the user the benefit of a very proper work on the denim, saving time and money without any harm for the workers and the environment.

High definition and high-speed performance make Nexia laser machines a ‘one of a kind’. High speed, high performance, high productivity in a room with no air condition makes Nexia Laser machines unique. No air condition in the room means energy saving!!

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