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Non-bonded sweater exporters in sourcing trouble as NBR tightens grip

Sweater exporters face serious sourcing distress, as the National Board of Revenue (NBR) recently tightens its grip on non-bonded export factories – barring them from importing raw materials without a bond license.

In light of this scenario, sweater exporters met with Bangladesh Garment Manufacturer & Exporters Association (BGMEA) to resolve this issue. Sweater exporters say for the last 8 months they face serious hurdles to source raw materials including yarn, packing, carton, clothes hangers, accessories – due to NBR’s tight grip.

Figure: 60 non-bonded sweater-makers face raw material sourcing issues.

In past, the knitwear-makers relied on third parties that had bonds to import raw materials.

Kazi Mostafizur Rahman, commissioner of the Dhaka Customs Bond Commissionerate, said to media that it is illegal to sell raw materials brought under bond facility even to non-bonded exporters. And we cannot allow them to continue sourcing by flouting the laws. They should go for obtaining the bond license in the first place to avert the supply crunch.

Although, several sweater exporters say the license could cost you a few hundred thousand Taka. And some entrepreneur who tried for around a year and bribed more than Tk2 million, but to no benefit.

While Mohammad Hatem, Executive President of the Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BKMEA), pointed the finger at the complicated and lengthy process.

“They are direct exporters, and for them, it should not matter whether they have a bond license or not. I don’t understand why the exporters are being pulled back,” Hatem said to media.

BGMEA formed joint working committee to oversee the issues, according to sources.

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