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The North Face launches recycled clothing program ‘Renewed’

VF Corporation’s The North Face has launched its own recycled clothing programme called ‘Renewed’ and announced the release of its first circular products which include styles for adults, plus sizes and accessories.

Figure: The North Face launches recycled clothing program ‘Renewed’.

That were created with the goal of producing less waste while still lasting longer and being simpler to disassemble for recycling.

The North Face Circular Design Manager said, “We’re excited to introduce our first circularly-designed products which put these principles into action, minimizing waste and enabling cycle-ability at the end of the garment life cycle.”

Besides joining with other companies they started e-commerce ventures by announcing the release of 20 circular design types.

The clothing has been designed with single-type fibre (mono-material) construction and trims that will make them easier to recycle into new garments of similar quality.

The shoppers will be able to drop off their circular design products and other items in ‘renewed take back bins’ at the store, an initiative by The North Face.

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