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Northern Tosrifa Group concludes its ‘Eye Care Program’

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 217 million people have moderate to severe vision impairment. Globally, chronic eye diseases are the main cause of vision loss.

Northern Tosrifa Group (NTG) conducted the ‘NTG Eye Care Program’ from 31 July to 13 August 2018.

Northern Tosrifa Group

Figure 1: On 16 August, Northern Tosrifa Group organized a closing day of its 14-day long Eye Care Program.

In the closing program on 16 August at NTG premises, many industry professionals and brands representative including Lindex, KSL, Toray Intl. were present and applauded the activity.

Through this program, NTG provided eye care, medicine, and spectacles to more than 5487 workers and staffs of NTG to ensure workforce health. They have a dedicated CSR team to conduct this kind of activities.

The eye care program was 14 days long and to raise awareness MSS volunteers explained basic measures to keep eyes healthy. The program ensured free of cost eye check-up and has successfully delivered critical support to NTG’s members on a need basis. More than 1569 were provided with medicine and 1266 were prescribed with spectacles.

Mohim Hassan, CEO Northern Tosrifa Group
Figure 2: Mohim Hassan, CEO of Northern Tosrifa Group.

“Bangladesh garment industry is a labor-intensive industry where approximately 4.4 million workers are working. We have regular CSR activities including blood donation, eye-camp. Earlier, we completed the Hepatitis-B Vaccine course for our workers. CSR activities not only help the company but also enhances the lifestyles of employees, their families, and environment, thus it helps to unravel the global threatening facts,” said Mohim Hassan, CEO of Northern Tosrifa Group.

“Eye Camp is one of the noble Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for any Industry. It is a great initiative for NTG to ensure workers good health and safety. Most of the brands and buyers are also working on worker health issues.” Said Md Ariful Islam, Merchandiser, Toray International Bangladesh Liaison Office.

In March 2018, NTG became a part of United Nations Global Compact where they promised to align their business process with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set by the UN. The ‘NTG Eye Care Program’ is aligned with SDG 3, good health and wellbeing. NTG hopes more organizations will come forward and take such initiatives.

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