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Now online is a strong platform for business

Bangladesh’s readymade garment (RMG) has been hit tremendously by the global pandemic, COVID-19. Gina Tricot, the Swedish fashion chain that sells the latest trends to women in over 30 countries, has shown their ethical buying practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ahsan Mahmood, Country- Manager, Gina Tricot recently talked to Textile Today. With an established history of working in the retail industry for the last 16 years, he is skilled in trend analysis, negotiation, budgeting, production planning and follow up, problem analysis and solution.

Figure: Ahsan Mahmood, Country- Manager, Gina Tricot, Bangladesh.

Textile Today: How can Bangladesh textile and apparel industries lead in post- COVID-19?

Ahsan Mahmood: The impacts are experienced by the whole fashion and apparel industry from consumers to manufacturers. Though, we are optimist, we believe from this pandemic people will re-adopt themselves and will tune life and businesses.

Surely we need new roadmap of transformation to come out on top and lead in post- COVID-19.

Textile Today: What is Gina Tricot’s planning regarding work order placement in Bangladesh?

Ahsan Mahmood: Swedish fashion chain Gina Tricot has no plan to change or reduce production from Bangladesh. We are seeing more possibilities to grow together. A couple of months ago the situation was tough but we quickly adapted and now the selling is the same as per the original plan. With different business strategies, we are seeing more prospects in the market now. As said Gina tricot always stretches value our manufacturers, we are planning more business in the country.

Textile Today: Ethiopia and Vietnam are on a vantage ground rather than Bangladesh during this Corona pandemic. Right now what should be the strategy for Bangladeshi manufacturers to hold its 2nd position?

Ahsan Mahmood: Bangladesh has high skilled workers; they are the key of this business. Trade needs to accept global fluctuations about quality, design, quantity and method of how to manage fast delivery. We believe Bangladesh goes forward with the right decision.

Textile Today: Entrepreneurs are thinking of a move to protective gear production, what is your planning regarding this segment?

Ahsan Mahmood: Gina Tricot always welcome with an idea from our business partners. If this is interesting for the business, we can go together. Right now Gina Tricot does not produce any protective gear.

Textile Today: Online relating is booming. How do you evaluate the marketing strategy?

Ahsan Mahmood: Yes, online has the demand and now a strong platform for business. Gina Tricot also working on it and looking for new ideas on how to be closer and more efficient with customers. From digital image to live sale everywhere we are. Our online business has increased by almost 100% during the corona pandemic.

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