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Officina+39 visits bluesign® HQ

Recently Officina+39 visited bluesign technologies ag HQ for a Trustainable future. Where Andrea Venier, Managing Director of Officina+39 and Engr. Md. Nasir Ullah, Country Manager at Officina +39, Bangladesh met with Katharina MAYER, CRM Manager, Europe bluesign® and Walter STREITLER, Director Sales Asia, Management, Customer Relation Management, bluesign®.

Figure: Andrea Venier, Managing Director (Second from right) and Engr. Md. Nasir Ullah (3rd from right) of Officina+39 met with Katharina MAYER and Walter STREITLER of bluesign®. Courtesy: Officina+39

Officina+39 fashion and sustainable chemicals offer a selected sustainable range of chemical specialties, dyestuffs and pigments, in particular, for denim and garment fields. Collaboration with customer to create new prototypes, supporting with selected eco-compatible chemical auxiliaries and innovative processes able to guarantee a possible and prompt industrial execution. Officina+39 also provides a complete range of auxiliaries for textile processing.

Officina+39 also offers complete range of auxiliaries for textile processing. It also offers Recycrom – a revolutionary sustainable dyestuffs range, patented, using recycled used clothing, fibrous material and textile scraps. By a sophisticated process, Officina+39 has developed a system to reprocess the scraps and transform textile fiber into colored powder.

bluesign® has been acting 20 years ahead of time. Today, bluesign® is the most efficient way to guarantee compliance with new regulations, without compromising on functionality, quality, or design. Act now and be 20 years ahead.

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