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Offspring Inc and AirX have partnered to offer biodegradable coffee mask

As a growing number of disposable face masks threatening to clog up oceans, a Malaysian baby care brand Offspring Inc and AirX have partnered up to offer the world’s first biodegradable coffee mask from a unique plant-based coffee yarn.

Figure: Malaysian brand launches face mask made of coffee yarn to combat plastic pollution.

The reusable three-layer mask has a disposable filter that uses silver nanotechnology and recycled coffee grounds to protect the wearer from bacteria, fungi, and virus particles.

The mask even gives off a natural coffee aroma and comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate both children and adults.

Offspring Inc’s Chief Executive Officer Mohamed Roslan Ismail told that the coffee mask underscores the brand’s commitment to promoting sustainable choices for consumers.

Roslan added, “Public awareness of the dangers of single-use disposable masks to our environment and livelihood needs to be amped up. We are reaching environmental tipping points and it is our social responsibility to act upon it.”

“Corporations can play a role not just in the development of sustainable products, but also to educate their consumers in the consequences of their created wastes,” said Mohamed Roslan.

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