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Online visual merchandising instillation process for fashion industry


Visual merchandising is an area where we can change the interior or exterior design for increasing the selling rate by attracting the customer mindset. On the other hand, online visual merchandising is the area where we can change the online displaying system of a product to maximize customer attraction to increase the buying demand of a particular product.

Figure 1: H&M website outlet available in all android devices

It is one of the most significant parts of e-commerce. During this pandemic COVID-19 situation, people cannot go out to the retail stores for shopping. Most of the cases, fashion and retail brand stores have not well-ornamented website schemes to sell the product so that people are not being encouraged to buy a particular product and they cannot feel trust in online shopping. In this short communication, it proceeds that, the ways of making online visual merchandising grab the buying demand for specific products by creating appeal in the customer mindset.

Effective strategies of online visual merchandising for increasing selling rate

Online visual merchandising is one of the smartest recent trends in e-commerce. It’s the contemplation of using visitors to a website and enhance their online experience. In this digital world, visual merchandising consists of a vast range of elements.

Most momentously it reflects positioning these visual elements on the particular website. There are five effective strategies of online visual merchandising which can help the fashion and retail industry in Bangladesh to increase selling percentage during this pandemic COVID-19 situation. These strategies are given below:

  1. Optimize your website for mobile and android devices.
  2. Produce your website easy to navigate
  3. Enhance your product description and presentation
  4. To boggle personalized online shopping experience and recommendation systems.
  5. Add user-generated content

1: Optimize your website for mobile and android device:

The website is made for online visual merchandising that should be available in our android device. Most of the persons are using cell phones nowadays. So the authorized person must be concerned about website size which is available on android devices.

2: Produce your website easy to navigate

“Produce your website easy to navigate” means the process which is applied to visiting the website. If we make a complex system to visit the website, people will not have any willingness to visit the website. It will hamper the ultimate business. Websites should be produced more frequently accessible.

3: Enhance your product description and presentation

Product description should be more elaborate. If we consider about the fashion industry, our product is apparel. We have to give in detail about particular apparel produced. It is important to understand the consumer mindset. Consumers must be understood that how will they benefited by using particular apparel.

We have to give in detail about raw material. The Process of Making & should give a size chart. It can be ensured the available Payment system. Confirmation order via email is another lucrative way of selling products.

Now, this is going about product presentation. It is acquainted that this era is recognized as an artificial intelligence era. Augmented reality is going to very familiar in the sustainable fashion industry. Already Zara has been started this artificial intelligence process.

Actually augmented process is the artificial process when people take photos of apparel it will show consumers visualization after wearing it. Fashion brand Zara started it 2018. It expended 8.8% of the total estimated spending that year producing this process. There are some android apps that can help to do that. If the retail industry can collaborate with themselves it will be benefited. Some of them are:

Gaps dressing room

This is an augmented reality app. Here, customers can customize avatar-based body type & they will be able to see different pieces of clothing. Consumers can give photos of themselves. The app will show the result after wearing particular apparel that is selected by the consumer.

Figure 2: A consumer is Using Gaps Dressing Room Apps.

It can be shown from different angles. It is one of the key components of sustainable fashion. If we using this app, it will minimize your time to trail the apparel. We can give our perfected apparel as an order through this app.

Wanna Kicks

Another augmented reality (AR) app is Wanna kicks. From here we can give our photo of foot and this app will show your preferred shows with various angles. We can give orders also from it.

Figure 3: A consumer is using Wanna Kicks App.

Finally, the augmented reality process is very much helpful to consumers for attracting the product which can increase selling particular items.

This process gives Zara a brand value for sustainable and fast fashion in 2018. Other brands are fuming to use this technology.

Figure 4: Zara augmented reality apps show a virtual model in their retail shop

4: To boggle personalized online shopping experience and recommendation system

Online websites have to be made up of personalized online shopping experience. The website should give consumers to previous online shopping experience & recommendation system that particular product is comfortable in using or not.

5: Add user-generated content

There are various ways of adding user-generated content. They are:

  1. Audit existing fan photos:

We have to focus on what type of content we are sharing. We have to share it with the people by a single photo. We can use Instagram.

  1. Search by location:

We can use Instagram geography tags to pull in images shared in one of our physical locations.

  1. Search by hashtag:

Websites should run the searching system by hashtag, or perhaps a popular product that tops of mind.

  1. Adding signage:

In addition to social media, websites have to make signage systems considering engage customers in physical stores.

Figure 5: Saks Style a Women Clothing Brand gives their Signage below the social media link.

Saks Style decals their women consumers ready to wear & contemporary departments in all 39 of their stores to promote their fashion week campaign. These decals encourage their customer to share photos of their shopping experience & to enhance their status to that of a style icon.


During this pandemic COVID: 19 situations online visual merchandising is a crying need for the fashion industry and export industry also. We have to focus on online shopping and trading strategies due to this situation. This article parades the effective online visual merchandising policies that help to increase the consumer demand for shopping.

So, this short communication eases the concerned authorities to create a master plan of e-commerce, because online visual merchandising is the implant factor of the area.

If anyone has any feedback or input regarding the published news, please contact: info@textiletoday.com.bd

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