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Opex Group shut its Kachpur factory operation

In an official announcement, Opex Group said that it has shut its Kachpur factory operation.

Opex added that it continued to run the factories by taking loans and selling the land, paying salary allowances and other expenses.

But the factory was severely hit by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as recent mayhem by its workers, workers reluctance to work, and stopping its operation several times. Which greatly hampered its ability to continue operation, the Group said.

Now Opex’s Kachpur factory does not have the financial consistency to continue the factory.

“In this situation, for the safety of the factory and all those associated with it, according to section 16 (ka) of the Bangladesh Labor Act, all the garment units of Kachpur branch, including the garment and wash plant are declared permanently closed,” it said.

It also added that in case of payment clearance, the decision will be taken and paid in consultation with all concerned including the Ministry of Labor/Labor Department, BGMEA and workers.

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