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organIQ seek: The smart way of ecological jeans finishing

With organIQ BLEACH we were the first, who offered an ecological alternative to potassium permanganate as a bleaching treatment for Denim.

Further steps of development led to the fact, that under appropriate machinery equipment, not only potassium permanganate but also chlorine bleaching and even pumice stones could be replaced to the greatest possible extent.

Figure: With organIQ BLEACH, CHT is first to offer an ecological alternative to potassium permanganate as a bleaching treatment for Denim. Courtesy: www.shutterstock.com

and the amount of wastewater are drastically reduced. And at the same time, visually no one can tell the difference between a super organically treated pair of jeans and a conventionally treated pair.

You would think – a model of success. The truth is, you cannot waste a single day thinking that you have made it. Only constant further development, search for perfection, can ensure success.

organIQ seek – keep seeking, this is the goal. With organIQ seek, we put an additional bleaching system by the side of the organIQ BLEACH system. Again, a system on the highest possible ecological level. With this, we are not only expanding the finishing possibilities with completely ecological processes, but we also provide the opportunity to create new, previously unknown combinations of colour and contrast.

We call it organIQ EMS Jeans, the Ecological Modular System Jeans.

One thing was very important to learn in the history of organIQ:

No one can change an existing, complex system alone. Not on the same level of success as in the association of all participants. Chemical supplier, machine supplier, brands & retailer and laundries need to work together for a better, greener and more sustainable world.

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