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Oxfam reveals best to worst Australian fashion brands list

In a bid to reveal which fashion brands paying a real commitment to a living wage, the Oxfam Australia has published a list. Where big Australian fashion brands were named and shamed in a Christmas ‘Naughty or Nice’ list for continuing to secretively exploit overseas factory workers – whether brands had released the names and locations of their supplier factories.

Oxfam reveals best-worst Australian fashion brands
Figure: Oxfam stand with the women who make clothes and demand big brands pay a living wage. Courtesy: Oxfam 

An RMG worker in Bangladesh, Chameli who works in a factory supplying clothes to big brands including Big W said, “I cannot provide education for my 3 daughters – aged 5, 12 and 14 – with my wage. In fact, my eldest daughter had to leave school to start work in a clothing factory as my earning is really low.”

Chameli describes feeling sad about her daughter’s path into the garment sector at such a young age – but says the family couldn’t otherwise afford enough food or clothing. Chameli’s only son tragically died while she was at work because there was no one to look after him. Big clothing brands must pay women like Chameli a living wage.

A social media user said, “Hey [brand] – I’m really disappointed to see you on this year’s Naughty List and I know you can do better. Will you make a public, time-bound commitment right now to paying a living wage? I care about #WhatSheMakes and want the women who make our clothes to be paid enough to live on.”

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