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P.N. Composite Ltd focusing on design studio with innovation

The global market is changing continuously and so is the demand of people. Now consumers want more value-added products. This change in customer’s taste, demand and trends, the brands churning out new collections every month, sometimes every week, or in the case of fast fashion giants such as H&M and Zara, new styles land on the shop floor almost every day.

P.N. Composite Ltd. design studio
Figure 1: Design Studio of P.N Composite Ltd.

It has become essential for apparel manufacturers to adapt to the consumer’s taste so the brands can supply the stores to stay upbeat in this ever-changing fashion industry.

In the western world, designing is really costly for brands with high-end designers. And retailers and brands are struggled in 2019 to stay profitable amid shrinkage in the fashion industry.

As part of value-addition, some Bangladeshi textile and apparel makers have already set themselves as an example by setting up their own design studio to achieve a leadership position in the fast-growing competitiveness in the global market.

P.N. Composite Ltd. products
Figure 2: A dynamic and dedicated design team is continuously working on many new trends and concepts as per the market demands.

P.N. Composite Ltd is one of them, which is a well recognized 100% export oriented vertically integrated LEED Certified Green textile and garments factory. It has been working for value addition through their continuous effort and commitment to product innovation and continuous improvement of the quality benchmark.

P.N. Composite’s main strategy is to show their caliber in designing and product development to attract potential buyers. The company set targets to provide its own design for ultimate customers and in this regard, they have launched their design studio in 2018.

A dynamic and dedicated design team is continuously working on many new trends and concepts as per the market demands.

P.N. Composite Ltd. recycle garments
Figure 3: Sustainability is maintained at P.N. Composite Ltd.

With the demand of the fashion trends, P.N. Composite Ltd. trained and enhanced its workforces to achieve premium quality and finishing of its products. This resulted in a new variety of products which consumers find superior in both quality and in fashion.

Their product ranges are basic t-shirts, tank tops, polo shirt, sweat jacket, sweatshirt, jogger and knit denim garments dated all products.

The buyers have accepted 40% of our own created design. And we earned 20% extra profit in the last FY. In the future, the company has the plan to make sportswear,” said Ranjan Bhattacharjee, General Manager, (Operation), PN Composite Ltd.

“We just spent $2000 to build our design studio and we are trying to develop a sample within 2 weeks and deliver to customers within 4-6 weeks,” Ranjan detailed.

Ranjan Bhattacharjee, PN Composite
Figure 4: Ranjan Bhattacharjee, General Manager, (Operation), PN Composite Ltd.

“A fully vertical integrated setup of state-of-the-art machinery facility gives us the advantage for developing new products in a short time,” added Ranjan Bhattacharjee.

In the near future, the fashion industry will be more competitive and challenging for brands and retailers as well as for apparel manufacturers. And it will be no surprise that only the value-adding manufacturing factories will stand out among others. And Bangladeshi textile and apparel makers are surely are ahead on this path.

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