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Pai Lung Knitel™circular knitting machine for highest performance standard

Single knit inverse plating electronic jacquard circular knitting machine (PL-KSIPCJ)

Pai Lung K-series Single Knit PLKSCJ since its introduction in the 90’ the Pai Lung’ s, s full jacquard machine has established a reputation for the highest performance standards.

The presentation of the new generation Knitel series PLKSCJ increases Pai Lung leading position in this quintessential full jacquard system area.


Equipped with the new generation Piezo element control system, PL-KSCJ is able to reach three technical ways to fulfill the jacquard request, which ability overcomes the limit range in the general mechanical jacquard machine.

Upon first glance, its efficiency makes reliable output. On closer inspection, jacquard technological feats present full requested pattern design.

Pai Lung offers its design software Pandora operation in windows, with multi-function in the entire display, it is easy to create complex pattern from this system, and converts the pattern design to the jacquard machine and pattern knits.

Applied with different yarns design, Pai Lung’s PL-KSCJ has the advantaged abilities in the situation of less preparation, quick pattern change for matching various demands from the market.

It’s a single color, multi-color jacquard structure, and intarsia-like performances are special in leisure ladies’ apparel, and home fashion applications.

Moreover, current elastic yarn plating on the fine gauge jacquard creates the fine touch upgraded value that can take people by surprise.

The coarse gauge model PL-KSCJ/CG is suitable in wool man-made yarn by thickness structure design.

Features of Pai Lung Knitel™circular knitting machine (PL-KSIPCJ):

Vibrant patterns and lightweight fabric

As more consumers are becoming concerned with fitness, demand for athletic-inspired apparel has skyrocketed. To meet this demand, PL-KSIPCJ knits an ultra-thin and lightweight fabric with excellent breathability and range of motion using a plated knitting technique that looks woven in appearance —making it perfectly suited for use in athletic apparel.


PL-KSIPCJ uses inverse plating technology to knit single jersey, creating vividly brilliant duotone patterns with a smooth, delicate surface — allowing designers ample opportunity to explore their creativity and bring thousands of exquisite design possibilities to life.

Extremely thin 2-color jacquard

In the past, most single jersey patterns added patterns using printing — a more timeintensive process that can inflict environmental harm.

Now, designers can create duotone patterns using a 2-color inverse plating technique, while keeping the fabric thin and lightweight. This not only eliminates unnecessary material costs, but also opens up even more design possibilities.

Soft to the touch

Traditionally, single jersey could only knit patterns into fabrics using jacquard, resulting in floating yarn on the reverse side of the fabric — an unavoidable side effect that is highly irritating to bare skin.

In contrast, inverse plating knits fabrics with dual-sided smooth surfaces that brush against bare skin with a pleasant softness.

User-friendly interface

Computer-aided design (CAD) can be unnecessarily complicated to use and set up, sometimes even requiring the help of a professional engineer.

However, PL-KSIPCJ uses an optimized user interface, allowing even untrained designers to easily connect the program to the machine and manipulate and design patterns.

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