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Pai Lung PL-KDPS-HP high pile shearing offers exhilarating performance

PL-KDPS-HP offers exhilarating performance in high pile with direct shearing function. With pure Pai Lung refinement in combining the general loop shearing technology, and high production ability, now available with either a loop length of more than 10mm or a multi-feeder system – PL-KDPS-HP is more accessible than any current wheel pressed less feeder pile model.


Pai Lung has established the Knitel knitting head as standard technology in the circular knitting machine. PL-KDPS-HP is general equipped with the single cam track on the dial and cylinder, smooth cam surfaces, two yarn feeding carrier system in loop and ground stitches are all suitable for high pile structure in knitting process. High quality of the machine frame helps to reach heavy loading requirement.

This machine is based on double jersey knitting structure, every two feeders as one unit. Different gauge of dial and cylinder, brings the ground structure more minutely and higher density. Pile forming from original cylinder pile needle changed to dial pile needle, lead the piles inwards, to prevent piles down by anti-dust device while knitting.

4 cam tracks in cylinder now, bring you more possibility in ground face. We also placed the dial pile needle and cutter in the same direction, loading between dial and cylinder is decreased, RPM is raised, and less debris will accumulate as well.

PL-KDSPS-HP can offer the unique adjustable system with pile length 6mm~11mm. Fabrics from PL-KDPSHP can be applied for home textile like blanket, industrial purpose, man-made fur apparels, and toys. Now Bangladesh market has already imported this model for mass export business.

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