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Pai Lung two-carriages flat knitting machine

The latest Pai Lung’s PLF-IC2 two carriage system machine series is one of the most popular high productive models especially in collar, cuff, and lower hem of gown manufacture.

Pai-Lung two-carriages-flat-knitting-machine

Standard function

Two separated carriages can be worked individually or in tandem. The 60″ machine max. work width:

SO”xl. (unit: piece)

The 80″ machine max. work width:

7O”xl. (unit: piece)

Each carriage can control up to 6 different colors on three working rails. With semi-jacquard system of a combination of high and low butt needles and step jacks. This machine is ready for popular collar design including plain, striper, vertical line, bird eyes, squares, rib or some simple pattern.

Maintain window design for easy maintain service and clean.

Friendly color LCD control panel for easy programming, operating message, racking control, error detect, maintain action check, racking, stitch and other control. Inside memory allows 24 pieces of key in files saving, and n add an optional USB device with PC software or program edition.

New 6 various strokes in pattern design- The machine can be added the optional function for 6 different section of strokes in making some special pattern or buttonholes in pattern design.

This function can be used in labor work saving for easy yarn ending in basic yarn ending in basic collar production without needle hook back in yarn ed hidden work.

The whole side tension includes the auxiliary feeding device for better yarn tension control and smooth feeding; which can help in knitting speed up and less edge broken problem.


Air nozzle system with pressure regulator. Specially for heavy dirt clean periodically and in knitting area accident deduction.

Direct waxing feeding device- To deal with hard yarn feeding problem, which ca help in less edge broken situation and u machine working speed.

USB device and software for PC edition for more program storage and easy edition in PC platform.

Segment plate type needle bed- Depends on demand. Positive yarn tension feeder system-For stable and quicker spandex feeding.

Spandex stroke saving device- Improving spandex work feeding efficiency.


Optional device:

Plating yarn carrier USB device and edition software air nozzle clean system variety strokes function Basic lycra feeding device positive lycra feeding device direct waxing device Lycra stroke saving device Needle segment plate bed.

Gauge 7G, 10G, 12G, 14G, 16G, 18G
Knitting Width 60″/ 152cm (max. 26″x2 pc – 50″x1 pc). 80″/ 203cm

(max. 36″x2 pc – 70″x1 pc).

Carriages 2 units with individual or tandem function (1+1 sys.).
Camming 3 tech ways for needle and one butt jack control.
Knitting speed Max. 1.2m/s depends on yarn materials & tension.
Stitch control 0-99 levels by stepping control.
Racking system 1/2 needle each pitch stepped right or left by program.
Rail system 3 units.
Yarn carriers 1 carriage controls 6 units. Total 12 units.
Side Tension 6 units/ each side.
Top Tension 60″- 16 units, 80″- 20 units.
Auxiliary yarn feeding with wax device 2 units.
Take down Combined rubber rollers with motor control and adjustment.
Auto stop device Yarn broken, knobs, Anti-rewind, needle detect, shock stop and program error.
Operating lamp Green-Normal. Yellow- work completed. Red abnormal.
Controller LCD for program input and 24 files storage allowed.
Program English & Chinese version. Other language is possible.
Backup power When power stop, carriages can complete current course then wait power back for continue work.
Emergency stop Two emergency buttons for quick power stop.
Secured platform Transparent covers for noise reduction and personal safety.
Safety Full covey & illumination.
Power input Single phase AC 220+/- 10%, 50-60 Hz.

*Above equipment maybe changed without notice.

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