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Pailung knitting machine offers quality, flexibility, productivity, functionality, and reliability

Pailung Machinery Mill Co. Ltd. established in 1977, a Taiwan based knitting machine manufacturing global company. Pailungs’ goal is to help brands, designers and manufacturers to develop innovative fabric technologies that boldly transform the end results. Pailung machines are available in 72 countries through over 30 agents. Pailungs’ Bangladeshi agent is Tex Excellence Limited.

Pailung knitting machine
Figure 1: 80% knitting machine of Palmal Group is of Pailung.

Pailung in Bangladesh

Pailung is successfully conducting its operations in Bangladesh for a long time. Factories prefer Pailung machines because of its quality, flexibility, productivity, functionality and, more importantly, reliability. With the support of a local agent, they are now one of the most popular knitting machine suppliers and solution providers in the knitting sector.

Customer feedback

Palmal Group, one of the leading knit composite company of Bangladesh using Pailung knitting machines of different ranges. Almost 80% knitting machine of Palmal Group is of Pailung. Arkay Knit Dyeing Mills Ltd, a sister concern of Palmal Group has 86 the latest technology Pailung machine out of 166. They have Pailungs’ single jersey, rib machine, interlock, and fleece knitting machine.

Why a factory should use Pailung machine, answering this question Indrapal Singh Rawat, Head of Operations of Arkay Knit Dyeing Mills Ltd. pointed out some points-

  • Very much price competitive
  • RoY is 3-4 times less than others
  • Efficiency 80-85% average
  • Easy handling for the workers
  • Comparatively less maintenance cost than others
  • Spare parts are locally available
  • Very good after sales service
  • Up to date technology support etc.

“Average production of the newly established machine is 300 kg per day. In Pailung machine we don’t have to waste time to set a new design, hardly it takes one day to go for production,” said Md. Nayan, Assistant General Manager (Knitting) of Arkay Knit Dyeing Mills Ltd.

Pailung offers the widest range of machines
Figure 2: Pailung offers the widest range of machines in the circular knitting segment.

“We are facing some problems in the new machines due to change of inverter model, though we already informed them and they are taking action,” he further added.

According to Indrapal Singh, Pailung has its own strength especially in single jersey and rib machine. He is in Bangladesh for the last 8 to 9 years and worked in many renowned factories.

With 86 different models with specifications ranging from 3 inches to 64 inches’ diameter and 3 to 60 gauges, Pailung offers the widest range of machines in the circular knitting segment. Effectively, including all variants, the company offers 200,000 different types of machines based on customer requirements.

“It’s very rare for a machinery manufacturer to have such a wide range of machines to offer to the market. Compared to our global competitors we are much younger and smaller. But we have the flexibility to offer a very wide range of custom-built machines meeting the specific requirements of customers, which is our biggest strength,” James Wang, Chairman, Pailung said.

“We are not just a machine builder, we are a solution provider,” he added. Pailung acquired the US-based circular knitting machine manufacturer Vanguard in 2009 to increase their strength in product innovation and technology.

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